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    Klopp firing off at Roy Keane on MNF

    So what. He has high standards and his record speaks for itself.
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    Removed old board from my bookmarks

    And some COB wannabes
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    Swear filter

    That started off well Rob but I think it's a sad sign of the times that you have to doff your cap to corporate giants like google. It's your site, not theirs.
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    Swear filter

    You can swear all you like it just gets bleeped out. Whether or not the letters are actually visible doesn't really matter does it so long as you get it off your chest?
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    Channel 4 news now - how trump targeted the black vote

    "Trump’s digital campaign, called ‘Project Alamo’ and based in San Antonio, Texas, involved a team from the now defunct British company Cambridge Analytica " No doubt about it
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    Saurez to Atleti

    5 goals in the 7 games played of the last CL campaign is awful?
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    I'd be annoyed getting all those crosses in and nobody in the box to get on the end of em
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    Iconic Dance Tracks

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    Frank Lampard's Chelsea

    You were right it's 6
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    Any Adverts that you just don't get?

    No perfume ads make sense Apart from this one
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    Frank Lampard's Chelsea

    Hahahah :ROFLMAO: Love it
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    Aha! Statue of Alan Partridge

    I hope it's not blocking access to Dixons
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    Any Adverts that you just don't get?

    Yes! Some of them have gone to great effort and expense to produce fancy and elaborate designs.... which don't tell you anything about what they actually do
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    Any Adverts that you just don't get?

    If you can remember what the advert is actually for, then their job is half done The ones with puppet meerkats have been on for years but I still have no idea what the **** they are on about
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    The Most Annoying Bits in Songs

    I'm glad someone else has said that, I thought I was the only one. I can't understand what they're singing about at the best of times. For me it's the rhythm, melody and harmony and how it all fits together. I prefer instros to songs. People say 'ooh but listen to the lyrics' but my ears just...