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    NYC Recommendations

    Oh, and los tacos no. 1 in Chelsea market was outstanding.
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    NYC Recommendations

    Went last month for the first time and loved it. if you’re looking for a nice bar with good views and decent nibbles then I would recommend the Skylark in midtown. it’s a bit pricey but not ridiculous. Fraunces Tavern in the financial district is very good. We went to the comedy cellar at...
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    BBC Radio Derby live

    Never heard of him but he talks *****.
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    BBC Radio Derby live

    This is doing my blood pressure no good whatsoever. 😂
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    Steve Gibson open letter to Derby Administrators

    The coverage of gibbos letter on radio Derby right now is as impartial as you might imagine. 🙄
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    Blackburn last night...

    Is he not still on his annual winter break?
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    I have truly mixed feelings over derby...

    I never realised such a high percentage of the Derby population were legally qualified. I should've moved there when I was trying to qualify!
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    I have truly mixed feelings over derby...

    I'm just going off our statement which said that there has been no contact at all since November and they ignored our correspondence. I don't believe we'd commit that to a statement if it weren't true. I have no doubt it will be a nightmare of a situation for the administrators to try to resolve.
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    I have truly mixed feelings over derby...

    It was a brilliant listen. I liked how he said he'd turn his plane around halfway back to America to resolve it but the call never came. sums up the ineptitude of the administrators who are either out of their depth or have buried their head in the sand in the hopes that our claims would just...
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    MFC Statement

    As usual, it would appear Derby are the architects of their own downfall by failing to deal with the claim. By kicking it down the road it now has the real potential to bite them on the a**e.
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    Exactly this. How many times under Warnock did he have the ball on the edge of the box and sky a shot over the bar? The composure he's showing since wilder took over is definitely noticeable. Mcgree's arrival can only improve him too.
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    Derby fans

    Haha they can’t even get their complaints consistent. I saw one bleating on that the Ziege case should be disregarded. Pure desperation.
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    48 hours on…

    Never noticed Balogun rush over and jump on until now. Loves it already doesn't he. 😂
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    Derby fans

    classy bunch.