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    Saw films

    I’m a big fan of the first two, not so much the ones afterwards. The first one has a brilliant ending twist.
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    Guess who's back?!

    Sport Scientist.
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    Man City 2-5 Leicester

    Love watching Vardy, got to admire his consistency over the seasons too.
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    Best use of music in a film

    I always think of American Girl when I think of that film.
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    New Music

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    New Music

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    Netflix barrel scrapings

    I was finding Netflix a waste of time so cancelled it, now I’m back in the UK for the time being Sky is much better for series and films. Netflix isn’t as prolific at putting up new stuff as it once was and the quality control for documentaries seems to be no existent.
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    Contact tracing app relaunch

    Fair enough, it was tongue in cheek, no malice meant.
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    Contact tracing app relaunch

    You've changed your tune a bit since pleading with us all to ignore the governments regulations!
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    Anyway - The New Fleet Foxes Album

    Have given it a proper listen and I have to say I’m not into it, it’s just boring to me!
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    Sky series

    Banshee, very underrated show, I’ve only watched the first season so far but it was brilliant.
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    American Golf, Ingleby - Fitting

    I tried a few clubs there, found them to be very helpful and would recommend.
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    Anyway - The New Fleet Foxes Album

    I'll have to give it another listen, listened to it last night as I was falling asleep and it seemed nice without really grabbing me.
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    Ignorant people blaming everyone else

    You can't say it's not worth the paper it's written on just because it's not in your city. Once again the differences in our parts of Spain are huge, I have to say it's the complete opposite in Barcelona, people looking for any excuse to take their mask off, I'm astounded how few people obey the...
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    Police to be supported by the military

    What a mental thing to think!