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    Who's this fella here on the Boro web site?

    Well done Erimus top work fella👍
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    Should we sponsor a Boro player?

    I would. I assume the money goes to the club rather than to the individual player.
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    Next PM is a 2 horse race, but who will win ?

    Rishi would give Keir much more of a run for his money, this is why the Tories will ditch BJ as they did with TM and IDS. Labour have never learnt this lesson and persevere with an unpopular leader (Foot, Kinnock, Milliband and Corbyn) under the misconception that the great unwashed will see the...
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    Bamford scoring for fun in the premier league

    Yet many fans still blame Monk for our current predicament and absolve Gibson of any responsibility!
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    Bamford scoring for fun in the premier league

    Pleased to see Bamford scoring and fulfilling his potential in the premier league. I have always been of the opinion that his natural arrogance, probably as a result of being middle class, educated and intelligent, hasn't gone down well with British managers such as Monk, Dyche and Pulis. Not...
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    We're not far away from being a good side

    If we could find a left back we could play a pretty solid 4-5-1 or attacking 4-4-2, using Tav/Spence and Johnson/Coulson in the wide midfield roles. Surely Bola must improve eventually!
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    Iconic Dance Tracks

    Our very own pig bag deserves a nod
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    Labour poll 3 point lead

    Plenty of mud to be slung Starmer's way in the next four years I expect
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    Should academic years be pushed back a year

    This could be managed so much better if we had have a competent education secretary anticipating and planning for events rather than simply reacting to them. The education system is also not helped by the shambolic testing system.
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    Changing Kick off Times to Appease The Pub Viewers

    Would never normally want to agree with Rick Parry for obvious reasons, but....
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    Can we pay to watch QPR game?

    I don't think a tenner is excessive. It would be useful if they could find a way that streaming could compensate better for the loss of fans in the stadium, especially for lower EFL and National League clubs.
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    Changing Kick off Times to Appease The Pub Viewers

    Isn't it irresponsible for pubs to be showing live football at all, if it isn't safe to allow a limited number of fans into their grounds?
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    Nelson Semedo to Wolves £37m

    £37m could help out a few National League clubs at the moment rather than going into agents pockets. Spending by EPL clubs is obscene, but has been for some time
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    Was Saturday’s crowd experiment a wise decision

    If it was wrong to test for 1,000 on Saturday in what was essentially a COVID-19 compliant environment then we might as well all stay indoors until this mythical vaccine appears!
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    Herd Immunity Sweden

    Sweden is completely different from the UK, much smaller population density. Not sure who UK is similar to, maybe Italy?