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    England footballer Danny Rose 'regularly stopped by police and asked if his car is stolen'

    Becksy, should we conduct a survey on the hair colour of white offenders? The Police could then concentrate on that group that fills the largest percentage, do you feel OK with that too?
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    Ayresome Park in uproar

    I went with my Dad, I was only 6 and was more interested in what was going on around me. The main reason I remember was the ticket was bought for my older brother, he wasn't in when Dad came home so he took me. My brother was livid, occasionally still rib him about it.
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    Brentford fight back

    Well done Brentford, still remember them supporting us at Blackburn with Tuncays Circus Army. A proper football club ,despite being southern.
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    Off to do Tyne Tees Soon

    I live in Yorkshire and sport gets very little coverage , when it does its ALL sports. Leeds got special mentions obviously the last week but nothing remotely like the suffocating cover I remember Look Geordie have the Mags.
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    Middlesbrough In Film

    Vespa, the term is " Sea Trials".Where they run everything to maximum ( usually around Tees Bay) before handing over to the owners. Do you and your brother still have any of the toys?. I recognise the two guys just after your grandad, on the after deck of the Tug. Worked with them both as a...
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    Randy Savage , you are Plasmuh and I claim my £5.
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    Top 5 clubs you dislike (in order)

    Newcastle Sunderland Chelsea Leeds Man U on the bench Cardiff, they remind me of disappointment
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    The first shot at China

    I agree, if you had a vested interest in a global capitalist economy and made decisions based on personal gain, you wouldn't want to rock the boat to that extent. However if you are governed by a different ideology, and wanted to gradually weaken a system based on the circulation of debt...
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    The first shot at China

    In the end, all China needs to do is call in there debt. China has played a very long game here.
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    I’m still bewildered by Keane

    Football is the only trade or business that assumes that if you've been to school you will make a a good Headmaster.
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    Bowling greens

    Local Clubs are playing within the club itself, no competitive games other than internal. I live away from the Boro now but I'm sure if you explained to an individual member you'd get some help. The problem is, being bowls, a lot of members are vulnerable and so the rules on contact and social...
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    Wednesdays permutations

    As mentioned he's a retired journo, lives in York but plays in my village bowls team. Lifelong Leeds fan but has a soft spot for boro, he's old school ITK
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    Wednesdays permutations

    Interesting guy, retired sports journalist, worked for the Gazette during Jack Charltons reign, hence Boro being his second team.
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    Wednesdays permutations

    Talking to a Leeds fan tonight, they are fielding a full strength side tomorrow
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    The Definitive Boro Home Shirt

    Great playing Stuttgart in the UEFA cup white band / red and reversed. Still like he proper traditional inter Milan away but I'd settle for the white with a red stripe * You must have been typing as I was Vronsky