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    Can’t wait to hear Wilder tell us how great his past record is again.

    He doesn't have to prove anything apparently. 🙄
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    Giles and jones both out

    Not surprised with Jones being dropped, but Giles is a shock. Bola should be better defensively though. The midfield looks slow and ponderous. I hope Wilder proves us all wrong with this team selection.
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    FM 23 - details revealed

    Can't beat Champ Man 00/01
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    Booing at HT

    I was wondering if I'd imagined that, but yes I heard the players get booed running out for the second half too.
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    You are the manager, what would you do?

    442 Steffen Dijksteel Fry Clarke Bola Jones Crooks Howson Giles Muniz Forss
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    When was the last time...

    At the match last night I was thinking of the last time we won a free kick around the 'D' of the opposition box. It stuck me that I honestly couldn't remember. We focus so much on creating chances from out wide that nothing goes through the middle. It's so one dimensional and predictable. So...
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    Sunderland is a nightmare

    I'd happily belt that out 🤣
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    Sunderland is a nightmare

    Even Bob Mortimer says so.
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    C'mon Boro!

    Sorry to hear it. Hope you're well enough to get back to the games soon!
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    C'mon Boro!

    I know you voiced your concerns about going tonight Erimus because of the potential for vile chants, just wondering if you'd changed your mind? I'd hate for Boro fans to miss out due to the behaviour of those knuckle draggers.
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    Would you have VAR in the championship

    Absolutely not. Goal line technology is an example of something that works well and doesn't interrupt the flow of the game. It rights the wrongs instantaneously. VAR takes a wrecking ball to the flow, it disrupts the rhythm, and plays with the emotion of supporters.
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    Sander Berge

    As a side note, I believe the Belgian transfer window is still open so they can still sign him. The reason they were pushing to get it done the other day was to get him registered for a Champions League game.
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    Sander Berge

    Sheff Utd didn't want to sell. It turns out that you don't actually have to sell your best players after all, even if they want to go. Who would have thought it?!
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    Brendan Rodgers - Sack race

    I think he may well be off after today, or within a few weeks if results persist. As mentioned on another thread, I wouldn't be surprised to see Leicester coming in for Wilder.
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    Ivan Toney.

    We would have ruined him 🤣