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    Anthony Taylor attacked by Roma fans

    But, But, But, It's not an English Club so will never happen as the rot starts from the top.
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    Lets Rock The North East ..

    Child bereavement were looking for volunteers to help out, it's a 4 hour shift patter but they are happy if you stay for the shows. A good deed and a fee show, there you go.
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    Industry on Teesside...

    Can someone explain to me why the Government should intervene when a Company cannot sort it's own house out. Mitsubishi are Japanese and a world wide issue with gas prices.
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    Michael Portillo Mbro Now

    Royal Observer Corps, many still about the area. Used to monitor Nuclear fallout levels.
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    admin fees for car insurance

    Ask them where exactly where the admin fees goes to, penny for penny. If they cannot tell you then tell them you will go elsewhere, a sudden change of tune will happen. They are all chancers till you call their bluff.
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    Michael Portillo Mbro Now

    Very true, I have always said 'they are all in it for themselves' regardless of party colour. I survived the 70's and the dark days of this Country but hold no grudges. Past caring about political shoite nowadays.
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    Michael Portillo Mbro Now

    We did well getting to #9. James Callaghan may have been a better presenter back in the day. Then again many on here weren't around in them dark days.
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    If you fancy a giggle.

    What's it called, YARM.
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    Chubas latest post on his socials

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    Fly tap across the entrance they use. Should soon get the message.
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    Cheers for that. My only lasting symptoms are when I am laying in bed and it feels like I'm laying on the red sea and floating with the waves, it's really strange feeling. Slowly getting up and sitting on the bed help dramatically, just hope it goes sooner than later.
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    Michael Portillo Mbro Now

    Not bad, we got to #9.
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    Teesside Airport security.

    Bens next mission ahem.
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    Teesside Airport security.

    Just the bluddy station to get sorted and maybe a shuttle bus.
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    Lyke Wake Walk - update

    Well done, I got a sweat on just reading that.