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    Suella Braverman

    Saw her interviewed on TV a couple of years ago, she’s a stone wall idiot
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    Tory police want cannabis class A

    Is this proven? What’s your source? I think it’s more likely that a lot of morons like to smoke weed and drink.
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    Do we need a star name

    Nebula 6500
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    Quite frankly I’m incensed, incandescent with rage. I wasn’t bothered about private jets at all but now I’m so cross about them. I’d like to extend my thanks to this courageous lady for raising awareness. I’ll have to keep at least one of them for business reasons but will get rid of the other...
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    First record or cd you ever bought?

    Record- 1999- Prince CD- REM Automatic for the people
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    Hate to say it but Wilder has to go

    I think that’s the most negative thing I’ve ever posted on this board
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    Hate to say it but Wilder has to go

    There is something fundamentally wrong at the club. The team doesn’t appear to be playing for the manager. Let’s get rid and try and salvage something from this season
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    Your Iconic Footballer as a lad?....

    Bernie ‘The Wolfman’ Slaven! -Boro Another vote for Platini !
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    The rise of vaping at the riverside

    Is it blankety blank? I’m going for masturbate, it fits, letting the dog masturbate round other peoples houses
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    Denmark WC kits

    Boycott the whole thing.
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    Wilder Rumours

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    Things you were taught at school that are now wrong

    Missionary or doggy style.
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    “This is just the beginning”

    Aside from my undying and irrational love for my beloved Boro. Im only interested in things that are good: Good films Good TV programs Good food Good sex I would liken womens football to watching something like- Love Island or eating Asda’s own spaghetti hoops. I’m not interested because...
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    Describe a Tory in 3 words

    Strong And Stable
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    Describe a Tory in 3 words

    Good With Money