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    First record or cd you ever bought?

    I didn't get up this morning cause I didn't go to bed ... i was watching the white's of my eyes turn red.
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    First record or cd you ever bought?

    First single : You're The One That I Want from Grease. First album Parallel Lines Blondie. Was ashamed of the first one for a long time, but the thrills I get listening to it now ,,, they're electifying!
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry City Match - Day Thread *

    Sound out of sync on mine
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry City Match - Day Thread *

    Sky blue vs white is f*cking impossible. What was wrong with red here ?
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    Giles and jones both out

    Yes. I was going to add to the thread that the elephant in the room is that two attacking wing backs hasn't been working this season. The tactic may be bringing one or both the wingbacks on during the match after lulling the opposition into a false sense of security
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    Cardiff manager sacked

    To be honest he was only given the job because his name is amusing for Hartleypaul
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    Zeffen Djiksteel Fry Lenihan Bola Jones Howson Mowatt Giles Forss Muniz Looks alright! Do we know a manager whou would play it ?
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    Any Guinness fiends on here?

    Guinnessophile here. Havent had an Irish one for a while but do feel the quality has dropped off so always happy to try another porter / stout
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    Played for the Mackems and Boro

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    Played for the Mackems and Boro

    Watmore McNair Roberts
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    Beat Surrender - August 27th

    Got 3 tunes played on september 3rd! Harry even got some Mott the Hoople 53rd minute
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    Stuani Heart attack

    Not sure I ve seen this posted elsewhere but I was in Girona this morning and from news there I understood that Stuani has had a heat attack He is on Twitter.saying he is OK so must have been mild Jugador del Girona FC Internacional con Uruguay Instagram @Stuanicristhian...
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    Now The Window Is Shut, Where Will Boro Finish

    I'm leaning more towards relegation dog fight than automatic promotion. The truth will certainly be somewhere inbetween. A non eventful mid table finish. The transfer window is not shut until Wilder speaks... his reaction will set the dynamic for the season. The result against Sunderland too...
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    Deadline Day

    Can someone make something up just to keep me intetested? I was just settling down for deadline day countdown and apparantly we've already turned the fax machine off