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    Cleveland Police - bikes/off-road vehicles

    Difficult to stop someone on a quad or a trials bike. How do you propose doing it. I know a house in Darlo that has a couple of the miscreants in who will occasionally ride these devices across parkland. Short of the aforementioned snipers I don't see how you stop them without inadvertently...
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    Darragh Lenihan will miss Wednesday's Carabao Cup match against Barnsley as he serves a one-match suspension.

    Almost seems unfair he'd probably have been rested anyway 🤷‍♂️
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    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    Yes, I like that, works in other sports (off the top of my head Ice Hockey?) why not. As punters we pay to watch the ball being kicked not some tawt pretending to have cramp.
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    Football shirt designs - chocolate bars!?

    A Twitter thread, some of these are better than a lot of the tat we see in club shops!
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    QPR - Shithousery Mastery

    I don't have a problem with things like taking the ball into the corner but the cramp thing does my napper in. Cramp is an odd affliction that seemingly only affects the team in the lead... Two possible solutions Anyone requiring attention on field must leave the field by the closest...
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    Please Stand behind the yellow line.......

    I think that was the run when Tornado topped 100mph between Darlo and York?
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    Akpom or Watmore

    Akpom was highly thought of at Arsenal who place a high degree of importance on movement, touch and skill. I don't think those have ever been doubted. He is not a lone striker/targetman. He was done no favours by Warnock who used him as a scape goat quite shamefully. From his two appearances in...
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    How you all doing

    Good evening young man! (imagine a Cloughie voice only perhaps with a little more empathy) I hope the experience of writing your timeline was cathartic. As for the autobiog, if it helps start writing, if it helps you it is worth the effort. Sorry to hear about your dog Manhead, as a dog owner...
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    Wilder shows his limited ability - AGAIN

    It's a good definition... :ROFLMAO:
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    What odds on a Haaland hatick today

    Apropos nothing much that City shirt is horrible. Looks like someone smeared black paint in three stripes across the front of a yellow shirt and then sat on a black painted bench.
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    What odds on a Haaland hatick today

    Pace, power, precision. What a player.
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    Wilder shows his limited ability - AGAIN

    The OP is one of the more original "comic" inventions on this board. A caricature of the "expert" football fan. I mean he's no Dennis Wick (nor yet his dog Polly) but spot on. Good work whoever is running this character. (y)
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    He plainly is (or more accurately will be) a very good goalkeeper. He has to learn how to play in this league, it's not the Prem and more physicality is the norm and is allowed, as he found out today. He will be worried about giving away a penalty and just needs to learn how to deal with...
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    I couldn't understand starting Watmore rather than Chuba? Akpom has looked up for it when played and it's not as if Duncan has been smashing it. Very odd.
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    Stream with VPN - still possible?

    Like old Dr Who I'm behind the sofa just listening to the radio.