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    Derby fans singing about Having a party when Steve Gibson dies

    Low life scum. It makes for a very toxic atmosphere when we beat them here. I dare say the police and stewards will be preparing well for this match. I do still have a little empathy for the genuine Derby fans though this is ebbing away each day. On reflection I think of when we were close to...
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    'Footy Adventures' at our game yesterday

    Yes I thought it was spooky most of them being correct with the score. How often do you see that?
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    'Footy Adventures' at our game yesterday

    He seems a genuinely nice guy giving such respect the 'Boro. What a brilliant game to attend also. Top respect to this man. Hopefully, like Yusuf, he will fall in love and support a club where he doesn't live. An adopted Teessider!
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    Michael Caine in Zulu

    Great story Michael Caine tells about his name. His real name is Maurice Micklewhite, His agent said he will have to change it to something else, anything but Micklewhite. He walked out of the studio in London and the film 'The Caine Mutiny' was being shown in a cinema nearby. He thought that's...
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    Boro v Derby: some bizarre ideas from the Derby fans forum.....

    Will be a very hostile atmosphere when they come here next month. Not much love lost between the two sets of fans anyway and this will only fester between now and the day. I have a bit of sympathy for Derby fans, but it is only a bit.
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    Prince Andrew to face trial

    'I do not recognise the lady who is making these allegations. I also definitely wasn't in that photograph, not sweating, with my arm around her with Maxwell looking on.' Think I did a good job at defending myself there. Hopefully it will all now be brushed under the Axminster carpet. I am a...
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    My already fragile mental health

    Advice from a retired qualified mental nurse. Hope it helps? The tin opener is the negative outlet for your frustration. You are 'catastrophizing' this is a common disorder associated with depression and anxiety. Things get blown out of all proportion. Try to tell yourself this when you have...
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    Desmond Tutu

    A remarkable man who practised what he preached and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. Unlike some of those who pontificate from their pulpits but don't have a clue about the common man, or the real world outside of the church walls. This man stood high above the rest. I recall in the 1980s...
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    Ruin a band name by changing one letter

    Fleetwood Cac The Gollies Sod Stewart VVank Marvin
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    Some seriously sick individuals out there

    How low can you get?...... a sausage dog maybe?
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    Passing out from the back

    When we had the likes of Gibson, Ayala, Randolph etc I wouldn't feel so anxious but Lumley does not fill me with any confidence. Against Bournemouth we nearly came unstuck and need to polish this up. Hopefully practice makes perfect.
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    Get out of this Johnson

    As Blackadder once said 'Baldrick, we are in a sticky situation, the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun!'
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    People you are sick of seeing EVERYWHERE on telly

    I can't imagine how the children would have responded to his smug, boring, unstimulating voice. IMO hes someone who would struggle to accept anyone not finding him remotely amusing. Giving him so much coverage on tv only serves to inflate his ego even more I would imagine.
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    People you are sick of seeing EVERYWHERE on telly

    For whatever reason he's like Romesh Ranganathan, he's on everything these days. I switch over whenever I see their faces appear. FFS.
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    People you are sick of seeing EVERYWHERE on telly

    Agree mate. Neither are remotely funny. IMO They rank alongside Noel Fielding and James Corden as pointless and over hyped.