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    McGree McGree

    What about … Riley McGree, he’ll set up one or two Riley McGree, He’s Boro through and through Riley McGree, We sing this song for you McGree, McGree, Muniz can leap over youuuuu
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    McGree McGree

    Think you’re onto something there with the tuner
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    Have you ever watched one of their games? Wow it’s horrendously slow and one paced
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    Look on the bright side...

    Djksteel would fit the role of DM easy and paddy can slot in there.
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    Get Larson

    Agree think Muniz will be a great signing
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    Get Larson

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    Interest rates - medium to long term, guesses.

    Can’t see the base rate going above than 3%. The increase in energy cost in itself will ease consumption, without the need to riase interest rates. If the rates go to 5/6% you could see a lot of mortgage defaults coming into play. I think your best bet will be a 2 year fixed, but who knows it...
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    Nijmegen v Groningen tonight.

    Double swoop.. the Gazette loved a Double swoop
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    Alex Neil off to Stoke....

    Can’t stand the man, he always seems to have the wood on us. PO final sticks long in the memory.
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    100% a foul
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    Larsen deal done ?

    New twitter account with a handful of followers. Take it with a pinch
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    Mowatt Official

    Worrying he’s never regained his pace, he not exactly grease is he?
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    Ryan Shotton

    Still only 33, was one of our best defenders at one point around 18/19. Wonder if his choice to be a vegan affected his performances
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    Jacob Greaves in contract talks...

    Think we should push the boat out for this lad. This will free up Mcnair for CM and solve that issue.
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    Boro players out on loan

    I watched the last 30mins or so and needless to say, the standard is poor. I can see why he struggled in the championship. Players going down under little to no little contact. Both sides' midfielders were casually strolling back/forward.