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    Could we be coming into form at the right time?

    Old adage a game at a time, otherwise typical Boro comes back to bite. UTB
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    The Clancy Brothers, The Chieftains, Christy Moore, The Pogues, Sharon Shannon - BBC 4 19:00

    Saw Crock of gold - Shane McGowan was on last weekend on BBC 4 worth a look on I player
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    Imagine taking this lass to meet your Mam

    If it was a bloke you'd be on about Man vs food palava 🥱
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    Sky sports boro 2016

    Just watched QPR 2 boro 3, now Bham vsboro then Brighton . Them were days UTB 😊
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    Well I'm not sure how we've done this but...

    At this stage of the season a wins a win . Well done Sav 😊 Eio Eio Eio Eio UTB 👍
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    Trump speech now. Hilarious!

    What's the context?
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    Just drove past a packed Preston Park

    Gvmt shouldn't give us dates in advance, ie road map as people see it as Carte Blanche to please themselves. It's the same in Darlo. Nobody cares. Meanwhile the NHS staff are burnt out.
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    What Would a Decent Playoff Run Look Like?

    If not decided b4 then, fixtures early April will sort it Bournemouth, Watford & Barnsley.
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    Consistently inconsistent

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    Consistently inconsistent

    Mmm k too much to drink tnite 🙃. Sad that, despite having Mr Warnock, we have made progress since last year, but we cant get a sustained run of results, when needed. C what happens. Cardiff vs Bournemouth tmorra, try again Satda.
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    Consistently inconsistent

    At least we scored. When was our last home win ?
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    Consistently inconsistent

    Back to square one 🙄
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    Duncan Watmore

    What a cracker get in
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    Wayne Rooney’s Derby

    Well at least one of our players scored today, only positive I can think of.
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    Hes mentioned about the players that are injured, fair point, Warnock said Fry could be back next Saturday what about the rest ? We need to change things & quickly.