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    Harry Brook

    What a player
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    What improved your quality of life, so much, you wish you did it sooner?

    Being in a position to retire at 59 and start doing voluntary work, giving back something to the community helping others not so fortunate. Having said that the way my investments are heading I might be working again soon....
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    Jack Stacey and Gavin Kilkenny

    Only Bournemouth player I would like is Travers the goalkeeper, thought he was outstanding against us at the Riverside, best keeper in the Champo
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    What relegation payout could mean for Leeds United or Burnley [Sporting News]

    With the names currently rumoured we ain't going anywhere hopefully just smoke screens though...
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    Probably better for us, Leeds would have more spending power, Burnley might struggle
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    Congratulations to the Minstermen

    Wel3l done to York, remember going and watching a 0-0 in one of our promotion season's
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    Vieira and Everton fan

    This needs to STOP now, we are I danger of going back to the bad old day's, society is on a downward trend and it's showing in football. Government and football authorities need to act quickly otherwise fan's behaviour (minority) will be out of control.
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    Leeds or Burnley?

    Tough one to call, probably Leeds will have more fire power in the Championship whereas Burnley with their financial issues might struggle so for that reason Burnley. Although I'd love to see Leeds go down, what a laugh that would be, down to earth with a rude awakening.
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    Tonight`s Premiership Games: Toffees / Eagles / Villa / Clarets / Foxes / Blues

    Everton will win tonight, get your money on
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    Kamil Conteh - First Summer Signing!

    We have had good success thus route, here's hoping again. One down another twelve plus to go.... C'mon Boro, wish the season was starting again soon, down in the dumps after Preston, raring to go again.....we fans soon bounce back
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    Got my season ticket

    How many have we sold to date please? Anyone know? Thanks
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    UK Inflation Rises to a 40 Year High of 9%

    Scary numbers, batten down the hatches
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    Kienan Davis is an absolute beast

    Not a Wilder type player is he? Poor scoring record, oh that's OK then, fit's in perfectly , sign him on. We have a truly awful record with strikers, it's almost a kiss of death to their careers...
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    Billy Sharp attacked

    Society is on a downwards trend unfortunately, this is another example of it, complete ban on pitch invasions required, lifetime bans issued etc Football seems to be heading in the wrong direction fan wise, let's hope the authorities can get a grip on thing's and prevent further deterioration...
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    Champo: Boro 21/22 Home Attendances up almost 10% on 19/20 season.

    Interesting that most clubs saw a reduction in attendances. Next year we will be flying high both home and away