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    Fifa 23

    Still got the same over poweree mechanics to score on ultimate team that does my head in. Maybe i should just play the career mode
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Birmingham City Match-Day Thread *

    Totally agree with this. Not keen on McNair being in the back line he always loses someone. Got away with it tonight
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    Good cameo from Forss

    Hes probably buzzing, hoping he might not be ignored anymore
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Birmingham City Match-Day Thread *

    i love Muniz he is just a tvvat isnt he. Kind of player the opposition fans take a dislike to
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Birmingham City Match-Day Thread *

    Still unconvincing arnt we. We simply dont have the players. No where near promotion hopefuls. This is Birmingham fgs.
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    Team for tonight...

    would 4 1 2 1 2 work. McNair in front of the back 4 with his ball carrying ball playing capabilities. Play Giles lb with hackneys instruction to cover when he breaks forward same with howson dik on the right. Leaves McGree in behind Muniz and Akpom
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    Team for tonight...

    really hope Hackney plays, we desperately need some young legs and the spirit of '86. Didnt do them boys any harm
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    Be interesting what happens to hoppe now

    look at it this way, you could see in 20 mins Muniz had something about him
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    Get Robins

    and ohare in January gibbo
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    Gibson is a big part of the problem

    Its all about the 11 players on the pitch all the rest is noise. Mangers bla bla. Buy/find better players and we will rise up the league. Any decent manager would be able to organise a team if we had decent players. News flash they arnt good enough
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    Be interesting what happens to hoppe now

    Hoppe is not good enough, baffling signing when we needed first team players in midfield and up top.
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    Wilder sacked

    Surely he only has to give a weeks notice in a new job
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    Wilder sacked

    He had to go, results aside we have been kin appalling football wise. Gibbo watches the games as well and he probably couldnt work out what we were trying to do either
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    Iv seen Hoppe for 5 mins and im telling you now he is not good enough to play at the top end of the championship. We might play him next year if we are relegated tho