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    I still don't know anyone who has had Covid

    Some very sobering messages about. Especially when you hear some of the ages. Terrible.
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    Adam Clayton

    For crying out loud 😁
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    BBC 6Music

    It is possible to give an opposing opinion without condescending those who feel differently. I don’t know why people feel the need to be so dismissive of people’s opinions. Is it to gain some strange feeling of superiority?
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    Do you want Warnock next season?

    Yes. You can’t polish a turd. Certainly not in 5 games anyway. He’s took over a squad in serious trouble and with no confidence. He’s managed two more wins than we would have had under Woodgate. He’s given us a chance to survive With a few of his signings and a summer to ingrain his ideas...
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    How we've probably gotten outta this is mad

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    How we've probably gotten outta this is mad

    There’s 6 teams that deserve to be relegated more than us as it stands. But only 3 go down. So I’m not sure all 7 teams can deserve to go down. 7 doesn’t go into 3.
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    Well with normality starting to slowly return

    People are depressing.
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    Removing statues is it right or wrong

    Jesus Christ. You’re clutching at straws there aren’t you 🙄 It’s stupid points like that that dilute the real issues being raised by these protests. Maybe you are just trying to show how clever you are by referencing this piece of trivia with an ambiguous question. Either way, give it a rest.
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    Have we ever

    The church and the royals should have no influence over anything.
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    50 or 60 clubs' could go bust

    Fair enough mate. I guess I’m used to football just being about the big boys these days. It would be great if some kind of parity was restored but as you say, unlikely. The sooner the Top 6 **** off to their big Euro league leaving the rest of us to have a decent league the better for me.
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    50 or 60 clubs' could go bust

    It would be an absolute disaster. Are you thinking it might only be smaller clubs so it’s no big deal? As long as Liverpool, Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea etc are still on Sky then that’s alright. I can’t believe a fan of a club like Boro would ask that question. It’s clubs like Boro that...
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    Post a picture of a favourite possession

    That’s brilliant. My favourite film.
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    Watching dortmund v schalke

    It’ll catch on if the money’s right.
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    I know Middlesbrough takes some stick

    Middlesbrough does have its knockers.
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    Visiting Family in other households

    I was expecting this to me mentioned in today’s update. A lot of people missing seeing their parents, sons, daughters, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters etc because they live separately. When we talk of mental health and well-being missing family has a big impact. Did I miss it...