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    Everything crossed for the Japanese!!!
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    What was the song you danced to at your wedding?

    This hubby is a massive fan...bit before my time being slightly younger than him. But the first time he played this I loved it
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    The best ever Doctor now ...

    David Tennant for me. Tried to watch it since he left and can't get into the new Dr's. Buzzing he's back for 3 episodes next year!!
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    Football quiz question, anyone got some decent ones. I'll start

    Score in an fa cup final or something like that
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    Is anyone planning on watching Qatar v Ecuador?

    Despicable me 2 started at 2.30.....Will put it on when that's finished!!
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    Could the World Cup in Qatar Actually be Really Brilliant?

    It won't be brilliant due to all the issues that go with it. But I will be watching the England games, they're a group of men sent to do a job in difficult circumstances so deserve my support
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    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Forced out the club?? Wasn't he practically peddling himself all over europe in the summer but no one wanted him?? Ive never like him, always comes across up his own **** and now, cos things aren't going his way, he's throwing his toys out the pram and blaming everyone else, when, in reality...
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    FFS Crooks

    Scored it, won the game...all that matters
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    EFL Highlights

    Doesn't matter what they think...we did!!! UTB
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    Peter Kay - Queue no. 47,338

    More tickets released may and June 2025 for brum and Manchester....gigs and tours...straight on and currently loads left
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    Peter Kay - Queue no. 47,338

    Anyone still queueing.....I've just been back on gigs and tours for a mate of mine, clicking on and off dates and got her 2 for Manchester sept 2024 even though she's still in another queue on (I'm assuming) ticket master and has been since 10am
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    Peter Kay - Queue no. 47,338

    He must be sat at home now, hearing all this going on and having his mind blown....I mean he's not really done anything for 5 years. Must put massive pressure on him too cos people's expectations are going to be sky high
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    Peter Kay - Queue no. 47,338

    I've been on gigs and tours since 10..couldn't get on at first but after 45 mins got in....showing all dates sold out but if you keep clicking on dates tickets suddenly appear (im assuming its the systems updating)...just bought 2 less than 5 mins ago for Manchester march 2024
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    Most famous person you've met....

    I've hi-fived Jon Bon Jovi when I was front row at a Jovi gig once Nigel Lawson gave me my degree at my ceremony Phillips schofield at the radio one roadshow at Seaton Lee Mack in my upcoming appearance on the 1% club early next year Many Boro players Me dad nearly ran over Ray Charles (the...
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    Peter Kay Tickets...."What were all that about"?!

    Just showed a colleague at work...she's been on 02 since 10....straight in too....can spread it around now we're sorted 🤣🤣🤣🤣