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    So when we classify Middlesbrough as rough....

    I met a couple from Teesside in a bar in Greece a couple of years ago and after we realised the Boro connection they asked me whereabouts I'd lived when I lived there (1948-71). I said Grangetown, Bolckow St (in town centre) and Cargo Fleet mainly. They sarcastically said 'lovely' and just...
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    Great covers

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    Tories vote against lobbying investigation

    well you have to look after your pals old boy
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    Bands who were better live than in the studio

    Capt Beefheart & the Magic Band. Saw them a week before this after watching Millwall 4 v Boro 0 match 20/1/68
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    PM's lies to Parliament get 10 million views

    Funny how Kuenssberg, Peston, Marr and Co don't seem to have noticed any of them
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    N Ireland v Ukraine

    Great 2 games to watch, well done NI women
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    Bands who were better live than in the studio

    Stones of course, always better live, Get Your Leeds Lungs Out is one of the great bootlegs
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    FAO Neil Warnock - Bettinelli

    Can we get Meijas back?
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    Do we have to keep warnock next year?

    I thought Aitor, Monks and Woody should have been kept on myself, getting rid them hasn't really moved us on just created a mess
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    if he is let's hope he finds a club somewhere but not here
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    El Clasico

    exciting game, what a change from this afternoon
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    El Clasico

    Braithwaite on!
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    El Clasico

    interesting watch at real Madrid' s training ground, but the crowd screen is a bit camouflagey
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    Anyone else looking forward with hopeful anticipation to Monday?

    I'll be at the gym and barbers on Monday, the travel info was already officially leaked by Schapps so no dramatic foreign holiday news expected
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    8 days of mourning - is it for real?

    If this was sort of coverage and hysteria was happening in N Korea many would be commenting about state media and brainwashing. E-Billboards all over London and Birmingham flashing his pic. All well OTT and quite sinister