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    Best song lyrics

    Raise your hands if you understand, Raise your standards if you don't. Raise - Bocca Juniors. Oh and... I said I'm not from the South, I'm from further North than you Weddoes
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    Songs for deadline day

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    Money saving tips I've had a few brambles and apples too. A friend has started volunteering with the attached. All details in the link. There's a few centres around Darlington and one near Hartlepool. In a nutshell, £35 worth of food for £7.50. Hope it's worthwhile...
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    Sewage in our waterways

    Not sure if this has been posted. Sums it up well.
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    The premier league is 30 years old this year

    We beat them 4-1 early doors.
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    Name a shop that is closed in Teesside that you love to bring back.

    Alan Fearnley's Record Shop. Used to go in before the match.
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    Your Weight Loss Tips?

    All I've done since the first lockdown is walk around 5k on average per day and drink less. Lost about 2.5 stone.
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    Bbc tees sport names their all time Boro prem league XI

    And sadly not the last!
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    Bbc tees sport names their all time Boro prem league XI

    Jimmy Floyd in for Viduka. Viduka was unplayable at times, Jmmy a bit more consistent and demanding. Some great players to have played for our club.
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    I listened to their first album and thought it's not for me. How wrong i was.
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    You can only choose 3

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    Cycling types... advice

    Nice, not sure if it's been mentioned, do you use STRAVA? Decent app for cycling.
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    Cycling types... advice

    Just take at own speed. What kind of bike do you have?
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    Sunderland tickets

    Years ago I went out with a Geordie mate and a Mackem who worked in recruitment. The Mackem placed me in a company and was due to earn around 5k from placing me. He brought his 2 uncles along who came out with several unsavoury comments which I won't repeat. I left after about 10 minutes. I...