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    Nadhim Zahawi

    I have seen him interviewed on a number of occasions. When he is blatantly talking nonsense and the interviewer calls him out on him talking drivel, he nods his head in agreement in a 'yes I know I am' kind of way.
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    Kieran Scott article

    There's a decent article n the Northern Echo today. Not able to send link, however, you can u cN access it on the website.
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    Jonathan Van Tam has Quit

    Well said. I find him incredibly articulate, who, along with Chris Smith is able to explain complicated matters in a manner which the public can understand.
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    344 covid deaths today

    Where did you get the 18,000 figure from? It is completely wide of the mark. This would equate to 6,570,000 people per year. Genuinely interested how you arrived at this figure.
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    Not sure why that is relevant. They have known the situation regarding these players regardless of COVID. They played basically a youth team in the league cup quarter-final a few seasons ago when they played Villa when they were at the World Club tournament.
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    Words that really annoy you.

    Blame as in blame culture, terrible word. Accountable / responsible much more appropriate. Also, Listen at the start of sentence. Makes me want to do anything but...
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    Love him. He wrote Freewheelin when he was 21, amazing.
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    Name a band that was BIG back in the day, but history has forgotten them?

    If PULP ever toured again it would be a massive pull.
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    Middlesbrough Foodbank Collection - This Saturday at the Riverside

    What a great effort. I help with drop-offs in my local area when I get chance and the people who receive the packages are always grateful. I sometimes ask if there is anything else they would like to receive and they nearly always answer toiletries.
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    names on kids replica kits

    Beat me to it. This could be easily rectified if the club are willing.
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    Where's @coluka these days?

    I always enjoyed his posts along with Erimus74's.
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    Sunday afternoon beauty

    My favourite Northern Soul Tune, thanks.
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    Hi, I get the soya mince / chunks from Holland and Barratt, good value for money and ideal in chilli / spag bol recipies. I'm a bit of a one pot wonder merchant and cook batches to freeze. The BBC website has some decent recipies on the food page. What food do you like?
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    Pubs for Huddersfield

    The Head of Steam in the station is a decent pub from memory. Enjoy.
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    Andrew Marr leaving the Beeb

    I'd go for either of them too. I like Alex Scott, I'm sure she'd be stronger in the challenge than Marr has been for a while now.