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    Didn't know what they were voting for

    Smith, the snot gobbling,CV lying, tories answer to Eichmann....that Smith? Hes made hinself look exactly what he is, an idiot, and an evil one at that!
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    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    I really can't see what all the worry is about....We have Johnson,Gove, Raab, Mogg,....all these,and other, Tory heavyweights looking after our best intrests with the leave deal,no deal negotiations, what could possibly go wrong.....if they hadle Brexit a quarter as well as the Pandemic...
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    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    The "Majority " of the UK voted for this clustefcuk of a government too.... Take a step back and look at the disaster this lot have made of the Pandemic, ongoing by the way,and the highest death rate in Europe, promises made day after day that are basically just hot air and deflection strategies...
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    Adult Social Care Directory, Professor Cummings says that routine testing in care homes to be delayed

    What a government, hands drenched in blood and still giving out guidance hardly anyone has any faith in...incompetence at gold standard level...
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    Cycling geek stuff

    My youngest is frontend engineer for Rapha racing but he cant get anything to fit over my "portly frame" he says :oops:...just as well I can't ride a bike these days I guess !!!
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    Donald Trump calls for election to be ‘delayed’

    Isnt it just amazing that right minded people let this monster carry on? it's utterly bewildering.
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    Fans queuing for the new shirt on sale

    just ordered two online for ma llox to queuing
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    Jordan Pickford

    He loves the photo opportunity dives....More diving about than Tom Daley
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    Spectators to be capped at 25% of ground capacity

    I've renewed, gold card holder ( whatever thats supposed to signify) but I wont be going this calendar year and I suspect there will be quiet a few in my age group that wont either
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    Match Thread (Sheff Wed)

    what the fcukb is Assombalonga doing....dogshite.....he'll probably go and score now
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    4 Home matches refund

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    4 Home matches refund

    I renewed straight away and I havent had any options from the club to do anything about refunds or otherwise....
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    Russia Report

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    Not won at home since Boxing Day

    every time we saw Gibson on TV he was staring into his phone, maybe looking for some excitement playing candy crush.
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    was that football today?

    nah! it's much much worse than that, your just glossing over it 😊