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    Sam Stubbs

    In U23 games I watched with him playing, he always seemed an organised, calming inflience on the rest of the defence but he didn't seem that quick if people were running past him. When we got rid of him I thought it was an OK decision as players don't tend to improve their pace but you can...
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    This day 1989 all the shops around Ayresome Park ran out of Mars bars

    The other disappointing result about that time was Simod Cup v Palace where we went 2-1 up late on and managed to lose 3-2. I was convinced we were going to Wembley that year.
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    This day 1989 all the shops around Ayresome Park ran out of Mars bars

    There were 2 things I remember about the mars bars and carrots. The ball boy in front of the Holgate when he came back out for the 2nd half chucking a load of the Mars bars back into the crowd so there were 2 goes at getting Gazza (he did play along well though). With the carrots the only...
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    Lock down Boro football question #2 - Your favourite 1970s goal from these 20 or so efforts (ta to junos_boots for the video link)

    Murdoch's against Sunderland for me. All the close control and passing on an awful looking surface and then the ball sticking in the mud before Murdoch could finish with the Sunderland keeper sliding uncontrolably past him. Sowness (as commentator called him) shows how good he was in these...
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    Lock down Boro footy question #1 - BEST (not most important) goal by Stuani (video link courtesy of junos_boots)

    If only we had been that defiant all season eh ;) Seriously though we were lacking attitude for the whole second half of that season, looking back we just seemed to give up with the Bournemouth away game being one of the most disappointing performances I can remember.
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    Lock down Boro footy question #1 - BEST (not most important) goal by Stuani (video link courtesy of junos_boots)

    Has to be No 11 v Brighton, just for the sheer emotion that followed - best day at the Riverside for nearly 10 years, since the UEFA Cup games. It was what we all support the Boro for. Never understood why he wasn't used more as centre forward as he could finish with his feet and head.
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    Forest game might be off

    Wettest I have ever been was at Nottingham Forest, 2-2 draw 1st division in 1988. That was in the days of their large uncovered terrace behind goal. Fantastic late equaliser from Mark Brennan
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    30 years ao today I booked on the supporters away coach & missed the pick up due to been ill all night

    I still remember Ian Baird's penalty flying over my head. Also remember the sports hall (?) wall behind the goal at the far end the Ripley kept hitting in the first half with his sliced crosses. A frustrating day - even more so for you!
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    This board is now 1 year old - fave thread from 2020

    Spanishmans reminiscing favourite players, games, goals etc during initial lockdown
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    Pfizer & Moderna set to pocket $32bn from Covid vaccines

    Unless they are issuing new shares not sure how the company gets more money through more people wanting shares.
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    Slaven Snaps - Interview

    Are his holey socks to prove how poorly he was paid?:p Seriously though a great read from a fantastic player at a great time in Boro's history.
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    Happy birthday to the best defender ever to play for the Boro

    What a patnership Charlton amd Maddren! (even if it would have been for dirty Leeds) I think they played together once or twice in preseason friendlies on Scottish tour at start of Charlton's managerial spell but Charlton saw how good Boam and Maddren were so never picked himself for a...
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    FAO Mr Erimus

    It is things like this that you remember,Shrewsbury rowing boat to get balls back and when I lived in Cheltenham old bloke who used to run out every time ball went over stand - seemed to go 10 times a match with the whole crowd cheering him on:)
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    Adam Reach

    Reach was sold and then we got promoted. He was sold as Karanka didn't see him making step up to premier league. I am not saying that the players we replaced him with worked but the reasons for selling him were valid.
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    Hayden Coulson

    He played at a lower championship team all last season