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    More inquiries than the Spanish Inquisition - and another minister resigns

    You can bet your mortgage on the £1.3 million he dished out to his wife who is richer than the queen being lumped in with the £4.3 billion he has just written off.
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    Downing Street coppers put the boot in

    as well as Javids brother being deputy commissioner at the met too?
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    Djed _ Highly sought after

    I agree it isn't hype there's a decent player there but his attitude has to be questioned his head was turned under Woodgate after rumours of Tottenhams interest & I would imagine it carried over to Warnocks time here. He's wanted away since so lets get what we can for him. Gonna upset the...
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    What’s your opinion on this - sue grey revelations

    Sad thing is AM we know it already, that’s how far we have fallen & all because people have the illusion he has delivered something that makes their lives worse while they all make £squillions out of it. It’s bonkers plain bonkers.
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    What’s your opinion on this - sue grey revelations

    They are laughing in the faces of the British public & they’re not even trying to hide it now because they know there are muppets who don’t care what they do or even if they are taking the p**s in their eyes he can do no wrong simply because he got brexit done the BBC we’re interviewing some of...
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    The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Reading Matchday Thread and Programme

    this you all week now:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Torries leak alert about Chinese spy influencing labour

    hmmm what on earth could have prompted them to bring this up now after sitting on this since 2017:unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
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    Were you World Of Sport, or Grandstand?

    World of sport used to watch the wrestling with me nanna big daddy easy easy easy easy
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    Folarin Balogun

    Just been confirmed👌
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    Yeah I was going to mention that not only is he an utter embarrassment to this country but a coward as well. I have a feeling he will resign today after his antics this morning
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    Isn't it :(
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    I mentioned earlier there are people out there who are still supporting this lying shyster pop over to twitter & check out #ScumMedia or if you really want scaring then take a look at #ImSupportingBoris but only from behind the couch if you dare & oh yes these people are allowed to vote😱😱😱😱...
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    While I agree with you & everything else levelled at theses dishonest shysters there are people who are willing to defend this & openly admit the more they dig stuff like this & report it the more they like him. They honestly believe they should get off his back & stop criticising him because...
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    Man u or Villa away

    no I don't think it did but Var & the ref thought it did so they disallowed it
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    Man u or Villa away

    Yeah they decided that was ok but then they went back & looked at the block on Cavani