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    January transfer window thread

    I liked what I saw of Sorba Thomas when we played Huddersfield, think he might cost a bit though, but 23, wide player, lives up north, ideal if the price was right. That being said he will score a worldie this tonight and his price will triple. Would like us to sign Steffan and have a settled...
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    Wigan turn down Wilder

    I was told at the time by the only people I know linked with the club directly, that he wanted the Burnley job. As a blinkered Boro fan it made no sense to me so I didn't believe it. I was told a number of other things that I chose not to believe but they all turned out to be true. Then after...
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    Phil foden

    Without the ball, for an attacking player mount is very good and there were worse players than him tonight. Saka was awful as was Bellingham (who I love). He could have brought Foden on for Saka. It scares me how similar to Boro this team are. Full of talent but too easily dragged down lower...
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    "The Brexit Effect: How leaving the EU hit the UK." Financial Times. [V-28:24]

    Here we go again, w* nkers deciding that's all people voted for. It's extremely disrespectful branding people racists for leaving the EU. People have many different reasons. I could just presume you voted remain because your a greedy money loving ch unt!
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    "The Brexit Effect: How leaving the EU hit the UK." Financial Times. [V-28:24]

    Couldn't agree more and the Conservative party will go into permanent decline and have to reintegrate real Conservative politicians like Rory Stewart. As much as I'm struggling financially it's not all about money (to me anyway).
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    Energy support from April

    I would be better off on benefits in the future I'm sure of it. My bill is already going to be £3700 now with my old boiler and massive freezing cold victorian house. Can't afford a new boiler, windows etc, but can if I were to lose my job.
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    I don't think he's learned any lessons from his failures and football has moved on from such negative tactics. Still an isolated figure on the sidelines and doesn't seem to allow others ideas.
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    The demise of Dijksteel & Bola

    The thing is he came in on the back of a big win and a draw with a clean sheet against Huddersfield, so you can't just come in and change it all when form was picking up. Leo did a really good job in that period to make Carricks start much easier.
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    Paddy McNair

    He and Dijksteel are both far better right backs than Tommy Smith, who cost us 2 points on Saturday.
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    England Squad Announced

    He is terrible
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    Bhoycotting the Werld Cup?

    I won't be watching it, although if we got to the semi or final it would be hard not to.
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    Think you are describing Hackney more than Mcgree
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    I don't care what people say, 3 at the back suits our squad, a good coach gets that system to work until we have the players for his preferred system.
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    Christine and the Queens - Redcar?

    The female drummer in Bodega is pretty spectacular
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    Palace and West Ham allegedly interested in Jones

    I think he's very similar to raheem sterling in terms of attributes and look at the career he's had. He needs a lot of coaching but his defensive attributes are better than sterling's.