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    Have you ever lived or considered living abroad?

    Am currently doing it. Been in Spain 7 years now. The government - or Brexit - back then wasn't reason to leave but is a reason not to come back. I really don't like the way things are going there.
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    Where is your favourite place in Middlesbrough?

    View from Ormesby bank top. In the past it was the first glimpse of the floodlights on the way to Ayresome. If I remember well it was somewhere on Park Road South that you saw them.
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    Middlesbrough recruit Head of Scouting from Crystal Palace.

    Agree with all of that and add the fact that Tavenier is now "our best midfielder" when its only a few short months ago he was getting pelters on here!
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    Dortmund Boro fans

    A great club to be associated with. Dortmund and German football in general are what we should be aspiring to
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    Ayresome over Riverside

    I agree with a lot of what you say except the last bit. That's not comparing apples with apples! I'd take Ayresome any day with 4K against Notts County compared to the Riverside with 10K against (insert anyone from Strachans time). And how did Ayresome with 35000 in a big Cup tie compare with...
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    Emigrated to Spain - general advice please

    What other advice to give depends a lot on your circumstances. Are you retired or working for example? If working, are you an employee or self employed. I'm working for a company here so I know nothing of the issues with Health Insurance, etc that retired people have as I'm in the Spanish social...
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    Emigrated to Spain - general advice please

    In this case its understandable - Spanish TV is terrible. I never watch it.
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    Emigrated to Spain - general advice please

    Welcome to Andalucia! One bit of advice: learn to speak some Spanish. It doesn't have to be fantastic but it will make your life better.
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    Blast from the past - What are our chances of a repeat today though

    He did. We won 2-0 with goals from Slaven and Ripley.
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    Dael Fry should be the first name on the team sheet.

    In the couple of matches I saw live last season I watched him fairly closely and that's what I'm basing my comments on. Maybe he had a couple of off days.
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    Dael Fry should be the first name on the team sheet.

    Living abroad I admittedly haven't seen that much of Fry, clearly nowhere near as much as others on here but from what I have seen I don't really understand why he's rated so highly. He's good in the air but pretty poor on the ground. His distribution is non existent. What am I missing? I also...
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    Walk Out Jackets

    For us oldies it is the managers job to go on the pitch to collect them!
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    The best concert/gig you've been to

    That's it! - Marksman!
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    I didn't like Maradona so don't like defending him but he didn't dive very much actually. Other forms of cheating were more up his street.
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    The best concert/gig you've been to

    Support was Stereo MCs who were surprisingly good and another band who I'd never heard of who were crap.