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    Priti Patel this morning

    I can't stand Queen, but Gove is worse.
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    Middle-class trappings

    I have a sous vide immersion circulator. 5 years old and still unused. I also bought a breadmaker for lockdown 1 shielding. 100 loaves of Mother's Pride later it's also unused.
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    School Curriculum

    It would be difficult to be financially literate without knowing algebra.
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    The last time my dad left his house, on his own, aged 96, was to vote remain. Nearly finished him off. The neighbours found him struggling to get back in the house as he was too exhausted to get over the doorstep. He did it for exactly the reasons Lefty outlines above.
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    Separating the art from the artist

    You don't hear much Gary Glitter on the radio these days.
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    Help please-
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    Glen Hoddle: from great footballer and England Manager to this

    Was he cured by Eileen Drewery?
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    Good day for criminals...

    I think she's sat on them and they have vanished inside her massive ar*e.
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    When's your first gig of the year due to be?

    Willie J Healey May 3rd Brighton
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    Footballers and managers hugging and embracing on and around the pitch.

    Forfeit game. Players suspended until they have successfully completed ' behaving like a grown-up' training.
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    How close do you live to where you were born ?

    From Norton to Brighton. Google maps tells me it's a 299 mile 98-hour walk.
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    West Ham new appointment

    She certainly won't be gazing into his eyes (not when standing).
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    West Ham new appointment

    I would prefer her to David Moyes
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    Boris Johnson cycle ride

    England needs a clear rule, like Scotland. Both Hancock and Cressida d*ck were on the radio this morning mouthing off and threatening people for not staying 'local', but were unable and willing to define local.
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    Where will Trump be in two weeks time?

    This could be like an Advent calendar of evil as we count off the days, waking every morning (hopefully) to see if he has unleashed Armageddon or pardoned the Unabomber.