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    Steve Cooper

    Either manager from tonight’s match may be up for grabs. Don’t fancy either of them though
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    Wilder sacked

    Losing away to a team that hadn’t won at home all season was the final nail 🤣 On a more serious note there are slim pickings available to replace him who I’d actually fancy.
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    First record or cd you ever bought?

    Old, New, Borrowed and Blue by Slade was the first album I ever bought. I should lie about my first single but I won’t. It was Let Me In by The Osmonds
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    Anyone ever been published?

    I reviewed the film ET The Extra Terrestrial for The Young Socialist in the 80’s.
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    New Music 2022

    Forgot to post this earlier. Opening track from Black Uhuru’s latest album. An interesting cover of the Ralph McTell classic.
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    Do you listen to music your parents listen/listened to?

    Dad wasn’t into music at all, but my mam was mad on Jim Reeves, and Frank Sinatra to a lesser extent. I love listening to Sinatra, Only The Lonely is one of my favourite albums. Listen to Jim Reeves occasionally.
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    Film - Nope

    I enjoyed it too, went to cinema to see it twice. Enjoyed it more the second time.
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    Best Parmos on Teesside please…?

    Don’t they all taste the same. There’s only four or five ingredients there can’t be that many ways to mess it up.
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    Favourite Public Info Poster/ Ad

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    New Music 2022

    New EP for Miss Kill
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    New Music 2022

    Been a big fan of these for years. Tried to get tickets for Leeds next month. Sold out within minutes. In fact apart from Birmingham the whole tour sold out quickly.
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    King Charles III

    Anybody else disappointed he picked Charles as his regnal name. He should have picked Arthur. I'd have loved to have been living in Arthurian times.
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    Any Quantum leap fans on here

    I'm a big sci/fi fan, but I could not get away with that. Only watched about six episodes.
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    New Music 2022

    From her second album released today
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    How does £2,500/yr work though ?

    Frighten people with a £6,000 a year cap and then they’ll kiss your backside for capping it at double last years price.