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    Budget action camera ?

    If it's ok I would like to piggy back on here for some advice. We had a GoPro Hero 2018 but my daughter lost it in the sea. We have a compatible stick and head band. Are there any non-GoPro's (cheaper) that you can use with the accessories?
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    Will Boris be back? ....

    "As far as I am aware" will be on his tombstone. "As far as I am aware, I didn't believe the gun was loaded."
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    This is how the terminator started!

    This is so spooky how real the robot looks in this film Almost real
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    Up to his old tricks
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    Attachments / photos maximum size

    Take smaller photographs?
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    Troy Parrott Sorry I just repeated what you said.
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    Questions to ask Chris Wilder

    How does the man who drives the snowplough get to work in the morning?
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    16 days to go....

    You first have to identify a player that is going to be an improvement on what we have in that position and might be available. See if said player will fit into the style and ethos of the team. Approach that player and see if he is willing to come to the club. If he does then you need to arrange...
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    Boys from the Black Stuff

    The decor didn't change from then until it burnt down.
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    Anyone looking forward to the James Webb Space Telescope images tomorrow ?

    I was waiting for it to morph into Peter Davison
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    Starmer cleared on Beergate

    You do know that you don't have to be a raging leftie to hate the Tories don't you? The same way that you don't have to be racist to have voted for Brexit.
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    List of Tory Resignations

    32. Mike Freer
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    List of Tory Resignations

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    List of Tory Resignations

    As an aside, that film was a seminal moment in my young life. Care to guess why?
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    Tory deputy chief whip resigns after ‘embarrassing myself and others’

    Did anyone hear Fabricant on Five Live this morning? Have a listen on BBC Sounds. What he says is unbelievable!!