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    Work from home if you can

    How is that going to work? Oh you live 10 miles away so you take this much of a cut, yet you live 30 miles away so you take a bit more of a cut. Also what about the increase in electricity usage of people working from home. Are you going to factor that in?
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    Interesting thread

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    Des last night was it sponsored by British tobacco

    I was watching the OF&H episode where Raquel has the baby. Rodney is in the corridor smoking. Hard to believe the ban only came in in 2006
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    Dennis Nilsen - following on from the drama Des

    One of the Black Mirror's was about that. They mentioned the book 'On Killing' which is about exactly what you have mentioned.
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    alex scott presenting QoS

    Also someone would have said: "rules"
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    UK announces 3,539 more Covid-19 cases in highest rise in four months

    Seems like the Nevada case wasn’t all it seems Link
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    Sky's new media darlings.

    That wasn’t my question and you know it.
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    Sky's new media darlings.

    I asked what the score was, not a description of an entirely different game.
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    Sky's new media darlings.

    What’s all this same old same old? What was the score in our last game of the previous season?
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    Loved NW's post match interview.

    Oh look, once again trying to be clever!
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    Think we deserved a draw.

    And the award for trying to show intellect and failing goes to...
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    Oxford Vaccine trial put on hold - participant suffers severe reaction

    But that's your personal choice to eat one and put yourself at risk.
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    St Leger

    16,000 over the four days Harry, although the Director of Public Health has just said he is reviewing the situation. I reckon that no crowds will be allowed in after today. He is concerned that they might use the St Leger as a final chance to congregate in bigger groups in the town centre.