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    Garry Monk

    He’s an awful manager. Looks like he has wasted funds again, buying players for a system he isn’t sure about and then changing, playing a different system he doesn’t have the players for. He’s making not particularly good players, he has overspent on look even worse, sounds familiar. Hopefully...
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    Is Woodgate still

    Gibson must have been on pills when he made that appointment, it was bloody berserk.
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    Snow Centre

    I think some of the decisions were off piste, especially slaloming the difficult financial obstacles. hope there isn’t too much of a political snow storm over this.
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    Snow Centre

    Doesn’t look like it’s going ahead. Apparently it doesn’t stack up financially for the developers. such a shame but seemed inevitable from the very beginning.
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    Surely Bettinelli.....

    Has to be doesn’t there? In parts we are playing well but the jumps down the pitch from the keeper and the unforced errors when we are in good positions up the pitch drive me mad.
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    How much was your first Computer?

    Had a vic 20, then an amstrad 464, green screen and bloody syntax errors!
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    Ahem I think ajax have won

    Stayed in Venlo for the UEFA cup final. Bizarrely helped a German onto the last train back from Eindhoven with a hang glider.
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    What are we all reading right now?

    The julius Caesar and War of the Roses are good too.
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    Kids Eh?

    We even have a local MP justifying his vote yesterday on the basis he “had heard” some parents were wasting the vouchers on booze, cigarettes, lottery tickets - which is impossible and a complete fabrication. Disgusting that a professional MP cannot be bothered to look at fact before voting...
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    Mackem fans forum . Funny thread

    When I was a kid the next door neighbour had half a finger, he’d ripped it off when his ring caught hanging nets on a goal 🤢
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    Viz nails it...

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    Excess Deaths Latest

    I think what it shows is that most people who die after contracting Covid would have died within a period of time anyway. We had a surge in deaths as Covid hit, which has led to a downturn as the people who would have been dying are already dead.
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    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was... And more, make hay while the vulnerable die.
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    Well There We Have It, The Easy 'Oven Ready Deal' that Never Was...

    a total job was done on democracy, tying in nationalism, patriotism and ignorance. You had a press that castigated one leader for just about every single flaw they could find, where there wasn’t a flaw they made them up. You had another leader with a whole host of negative personality traits and...