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    Coffee Advice

    What you trying to say? :) Sounds right up my street to be fair.
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    Teesside Airport security.

    San Miguel £7.20 a pint. I'm still not over it.
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    Coffee Advice

    Sorry, what does "dialling in" the machine mean? Sounds like there's a bit of learning to be done here. The price of the thing was extortionate, an AEG built in job. I was expecting a barista to be included round the clock when the Mrs told me the price.
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    Coffee Advice

    Thanks for advice. Started off by ordering from Rave. Italian job blend and Chatsworth blend but I’ll give them all a go over the coming months. Lonton and Rounton will both be hearing from me too. Thanks again.
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    Coffee Advice

    Getting a new kitchen fitted this week and have invested in a fancy built in coffee machine that grinds its own beans, only had a Tassimo pod thing so far. Now, I'm no expert (I like McDonalds and Greggs coffee :cool: ) but could any connoisseur's recommend the best beans to buy to get a coffee...
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    Jeff stelling

    He'll be sorely missed. The best ever to do it IMO.
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    The big 4 ...

    Juninho's through ball on his debut v Leeds and Fjortoft's dink finish over Lukic still gives me a funny feeling in my tummy when I think about it.
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    Ryobi gear.

    Got about 15 Ryobi tools and 6 batteries. The wire brush paving cleaner is probably the best of the lot.
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    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    Chuba's Instagram is always showing his son. I'm pretty sure the kids Mam is in the picture too.
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    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    It won't be down to us, it'll be down to him. At his age this next contract is the difference between him being financially secure for life and still having to work. I think the best we can hope for is him seeing out his contract but then we lose him for nowt. Max we will offer him I'm...
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    Got to the Gdansk Hotel bar. They brew their own beer and we spent an afternoon there. The beer is strong, by the way.
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    A Man Called Adam tunes into Teesside

    Listened to a lot of their stuff over the years and had no idea they were (or half of them are) from Teesside. Sounds like Marske from that article. Really chuffed to read that.
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    Operation to cure snoring - anyone had it?

    I have sleep apnea. Wife thinks I’m dead sometimes then there’s this huge intake of breath. I think I’ve always had this but over the last few years the snoring has got worse too so sounds very similar to some of your situations. What’s worse is occasionally at work I have to share rooms with...
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    Stack in Middlesbrough

    Isn’t it located at the other side of Albert Road to the business units? Where the old Royal Exchange pub was? Just a few shipping containers and some fitting out, can’t see it taking long to set up.
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    Mr Preston is standing again!

    It is, and it does, but it was ever thus. The town throughout its history has had leaders feathering their own nest. But a few of them since day dot have improved the town alongside their bank balances. At least Preston is one of them, hence he’ll win another term, the Labour naysayers only have...