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    Serbia - worst 'team' in world cup after Qatar

    Some teams have to lose and go out in the first round, Serbia haven't been that bad. They've played their part in 2 entertaining games and have been worth their place.
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    Remember these guys we brought in to score/assist goals..

    I thought Killen improved our forward play, but not enough. He was a competent link up man, but simply didn't offer enough goal threat. We were right to move on, but I was miffed that we retained Lee Miller (not on the list) ahead of him I had hope for Kai Kamara too. I was puzzled that we...
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    Has the nations league impacted European sides

    In fairness, we'd have played friendlies against nations from other continents in the immediate run up to the tournament in the past. This time, there were no friendlies in the weeks immediately before. Nations League may have had some small effect, but it's mixed in with lots of other new...
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    5 teams undefeated in this tournament

    I don't disagree with anything you say. My previous point was badly made I agree the gap is narrowing; what I meant is it hasn't closed completely yet. Proportionally, Europe still dominates the second round, and when thrashings occur, they're always inflicted by Europe or South Americans on...
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    African Teams at This World Cup

    Ok, I'm prepared to take back some of what I've said on this thread: some of the African teams have been very good, and they've all had their moments. I'll stand by my comments about Asia and North America developing faster though. I'll also say Africa still has more strength in depth than the...
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    The “real” World Cup starts today

    I love the group games: take note how good the final head to head round has been FIFA. By contrast, the knockout rounds are usually cagy, low scoring affairs. Admittedly, Russia 2018 bucked that trend and more goals per game were scored in the knockouts, but that's the only time it's happened...
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    Has the nations league impacted European sides

    In the last 2 world cups outside of Europe, the majority of European sides have gone out in the first round. On this occasion 8 out of 13 have made the second round. Maybe playing more competitive games has improved performance?
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    5 teams undefeated in this tournament

    Only 5 teams have failed to win a game. That must be a record low? I think it's too early to talk about levelling up between the continents, but I think we're at the point now where you can't relax against anyone. Brazil, France and Portugal may rest players, but their opponents have shown...
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    The world cup

    No one has got 9 points in their group yet. Brazil may well do it now, but I don't think this has ever happened before. Only Qatar were mathematicaly out after the 2nd round of matches, which has also helped keep it spicy.
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    Uruguay v Ghana

    What a piece of precision play that was from the Koreans: the timing and execution of the pass and the finish were superb.
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    The next World Cup format sounds horrendous

    Surely a player can represent 2 nations with pride. We certainly have no problem with the idea of a player representing 2 clubs with pride. As I say, I'm only eligible to represent England though, at the age of 45, I'm probably leaving my call up a bit late. However, I have no problem accepting...
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    The next World Cup format sounds horrendous

    The reason why I'm hesitant to agree is that, since 2016, Rugby League has allowed players to represent a tier 1 nation (Oz, NZ or England) and another nation (e.g. Samoa, Tonga). I think the only restriction is you can't represent them both in a calendar year. The feeling is that this has made...
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    The next World Cup format sounds horrendous

    It's better if you're going to have 48 teams, but a nation can be all but eliminated from a 6 team group before they play their 3rd match. This solution would lead to a lot of dead rubbers. This WC has been good in that it has only seen Qatar eliminated before the final round of group games.
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    The next World Cup format sounds horrendous

    I don't have a problem with players representing 2 nations per se. I'm English and nothing else, but I know plenty of individuals who feel allegiance to more than one nation, and I don't fundamentally feel anyone should be forced to choose. What I worry about is whether letting players switch...
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    The next World Cup format sounds horrendous

    I'd stick with the current 32 teams. However, I'd allocate places like this: Host: 1 Europe: 9 South America: 4 Africa: 4 North America: 3 Asia: 3 =24 automatic places Intercontinental playoffs: Europe: 5 South America: 2 Africa: 3 Asia: 3 North America: 2 Oceania: 1...