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    subbing a substitute

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    Will Bamford be in the England euros squad?

    I think there's a limited number of places for strikers and I think Calvert-Lewin will edge him out. They've scored the same number of goals, but C-L has done it with fewer shots (50 to PB's 69). That PB gets more chances is probably a reflection of Leeds' style of play. I also think C-L can be...
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    Expanding the Riverside Stadium..

    I guess the point is, the average attendance would have been a lot lower if we didn't have a stadium that can hold a lot more than 35k
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    Expanding the Riverside Stadium..

    I think we had 9 home sell outs, by which I mean the only space was in the away end, such as against Stoke the first day. That, for me, means the ground is about the right size. It's built for PL football, and you don't want to be turning fans away for the big games. That inevitably means empty...
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    Attendances next season

    Yep, we've played some nice stuff at times this year. There will be a boost; with football and other sports being one of the few diversions that have still been available during lockdown, it will have renewed a lot of interest. I take the point about economic hardship, but many have found...
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    Expanding the Riverside Stadium..

    Agree with this. If you have 20k in a 20k stadium, you're exactly as well-supported as if you had 20k in a 40k stadium. I don't know where the idea that the stadium should be full every week, or that the club needs it to be full every week, has come from. Part of it is all-seater stadia: space...
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    So basically with 1/4 of the season to go

    They've won 5 out of the last 5, and no one sustains that kind of form. That said, they've been a decent side for over a year now, and recovered very well from losing their manager to New York at the start of the season. 1.5 points/game until the end of the season would leave them with 72...
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    Euros 2020 (really 2021)

    I didn't say it was a sign of quality, but I will argue it's a measure of positivity and negativity. Italia 90 was the most negative WC I've seen, the apotheosis of Catenaccio football. I doubt it's remembered as anything but a bore outside Germany, England and Cameroon. I enjoyed it du to...
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    Euros 2020 (really 2021)

    Euro 96' is the lowest WC or Euro since the Euros went to 16+ teams. (2.06 goals/game). There were a few lower scoring before that, but with 4 or 8 teams in some tournaments, the probability of a statistical freak is higher. Italia 90, I think, was the lowest scoring WC ever (2.21 goals/game)...
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    Euros 2020 (really 2021)

    No worries, as regarding enjoying the tournament, I did too, but that was because England did well, 3 Lions, where I was in my life etc. I think how your team does massively colours the perception of a tournament. I've had arguments with people who insist Italia 90 was thrilling and USA 94 was...
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    Euros 2020 (really 2021)

    It didn't. Germany '88 had 15k higher average attendance. Euro '96 broke records for cumulative attendance by virtue of having more than double the number of games of any previous tournament. France and Poland/Ukraine both had higher AAs since.
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    Ian St John RIP

    That is sad, I've not heard anything about him for years, but he and Jimmy were staples of my Saturday morning too.
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    Who has been the Boro player who surprised you the most?

    I'll go for Andy Peake. Didn't really think he was worth his place in the promotion season, but head and shoulders player of the year the season after.
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    Paul Cook

    Yes, I rate Cook as a manger. Reminds me on Alexi Sayle when he's doing punditry though.
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    Premiership or Championship

    I'm a sports fan: I want to compete at the highest level that we can, which means PL ultimately. On a match day, I want the team to win. Over a season I want the team to get promoted. If not, what's the point? That said, I wish the PL itself was much more like the championship. 90% of matches...