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    Middlesbrough Supporters Forum Meeting

    Am not sure if this attachment will work - it is the agenda for tomorrrow's fans forum meeting - the first chaired by Mark Motley - so he has organised it very differently - you will see there are new people around the ZOOM table and also that there is a gap for discussion for subjects raised by...
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    Middlesbrough v Bournemouth Allowed 1000 fans

    Fans Video Guide for today's match - filmed on his phone by Mark_MSF this morning outside and inside the Riverside - on the video is on this facebook link
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    Fanzine Issue 607 - Buy Now!

    Emailed out this evening - I had an annoying technical issue during production - the software updated during the fanzine in a most unhelpful way. It took me a while to work it out. Weird how often software updates actually make simple tasks harder to do. Anyway, long and short of it is that it...
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    All Aboard the fmttm Podcast

    Freshly recorded this afternoon via ZOOM - the pre Boro v Bournemouth - 1000 fan stare and audio fayre - fanzine glare - and anything else that rhymes but does not reason with stare.. Welcome to our Fmttm podcast companion to Issue 607 v AFC Bournemouth. The first league game at the Riverside...
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    Kevin Blackwell Press Conference Now

    Really good value - as they used to say. Very plain speaking but very interesting. Vastly experienced as a manager, assistant and as well as a player. I didn't realise that he had managed for quite so many games as well as Ronnie Jepson too. I liked the way he came across. Not giving anything...
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    Team vs Barnsley

    As regards keepers Warnock said at the press conference that both Dejan and Ashley Pears were ill at the weekend and still ill yesterday. Bola he said had really impressed him this pre-season so is clearly someone that could force his way into the reckoning. Lewis Wing needs to show exactly what...
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    So Cooper671 has been hacked....

    I have to say that on the old site before full encryption of passwords I would occasionally get emails from people saying their passwords had been stolen (often by someone sharing their computer) and when I checked the password was something like Boro or Boro1
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    Game Not on Red Button

    Yes I read that on here as well and meant to go back and chase it up. You can only get the audio or the pictures from the stream And EFL in their infinite wisdom haven't got a worldwide rights situation for their trophy. So you cannot watch it overseas...
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    I don't think of the people behind the JK Rowling hate campaign as left or right - they are bullies of the very worst kind. Sadly they have succeeded in bullying a lot of people into submission and silencing them from forums like twitter. In fact they have even shifted the parametres for some...
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    Care Home Advice - Middlesbrough

    CARE HOMES ADVISED TO SUSPEND VISITS TO PROTECT RESIDENTS Care Homes around Middlesbrough and Redcar and Cleveland have been advised to suspend visits in order to protect residents from Covid-19. South Tees Director of Public Health Mark Adams has written to care home managers with new guidance...
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    A quick questionnaire

    Why are you asking this questionaire? What is the motivation?
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    Video Showing Return to COVID safe football for Women Fans

    This might give some indications of how we can safely return to watching football and what we can expect. Staggered kick off times and clear markings on the floor, regular announcements and lots of helpful stewarding but crucially there was an atmosphere and people enjoye the experience and felt...
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    Feedback on new site thread

    Am trying to remember when and how this problem was fixed last time.
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    Match Thread

    Not played badly 1st half have we? Obviously it was poor defending on the corner but otherwise we have not been bad at all. If we can carve out some chances in 2nd half we might come away with a point. That would be a fair way to start I think.