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    Cyclists on the pavement

    I often cycle on the path, especially on a bike ride with my kids. I couldn't care less what people like you think. My daughters best freind lost her dad while cycling to work on the road. The way motorists treat cyclists is just scary.
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    If be the Ref was added to fifa - would you buy it

    I've been looking for a game since I finished Red Dead. Don't think I'll be trying this.
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    Peloton exercise bike

    Yeah, but to pay a monthly subscription for an exercise bike is mental mate.
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    Peloton exercise bike

    You could just buy a normal bike at a tenth of the price and go out and enjoy the scenery.
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    The Nou Camp in ms flight simulator 2020

    Im sure I read it's coming on Xbox. Would it be as good as playing on a pc?
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    Where are your feet from?

    Mine are African. My partners feet look like they forgot to evolve.
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    Regent Cinema Redcar to be demolished.....

    It also helped having the fire door on the beach so you could get your mate to let you all in when you were kids.
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    Unsolicited calls

    My next door neighbour before he died used to get dozens of calls everyday. He would also get the same amount in letters each day too. Coz he was in his 90's he believed every call and letter was genuine and always gave money or replied to letters. That just made him get many more calls and...
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    ID Checks in Australia

    Without seeing what happened before she was pinned down its impossible to know whether the police were over the top in restraining her. She could have spat at the cops for all we know.
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    ID Checks in Australia

    I'm pretty sure 3 cops don't pin down a woman like that just because she was walking without id.
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    Regent Cinema Redcar to be demolished.....

    Just before it closed I took my young daughter. Midway through the film water started p*ssing through the roof and soaked the woman in front. Very funny.
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    The Return of Spitting Image

    Who are "the snowflakes" by the way? In my experience people who use that word are the ones who get angry and offended by everything.
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    reliable broadband/wifi around the house

    Whatever you end up doing atypical, ring Sky to complain and ask to be put through to disconnections coz you are so annoyed with your internet. Threaten to leave and they will half your bill for a year. Works every time.
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    reliable broadband/wifi around the house

    I didn't have to wait because the tv was still running until the end of the month. I just switched them back over and cancelled virgin tv within the 15 days. We have multi room in three bedrooms upstairs, mine and the kids. My eldest was always complaining that in her bedroom it took about...
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    reliable broadband/wifi around the house

    Yeah have Sky Q. I changed both the tv and broadband. I was paying £80 ish and got the same package from virgin for £50.But changed the tv back coz like you prefer sky interface etc. Sky were desperate to have me back and gave me tv for half price. Both work brilliant together. Virgin have an...