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    Slow Horses Series 3

    Just watched the first two episodes of the new series and it is still brilliant, one best shows out there at the moment
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    Geordie Walker Killing Joke - RIP

    yeah love that bit great lyrics , funnily enough totally forgot it had to ss in the name had to check the single cover just to be sure lol, I also forgot the A side on the single was Wardance another brilliant tune
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    How many Play Off spots are left?

    Actually surprised we are top 6 with bookies, but as mentioned it is a long season and still loads of games to go so that top six could easily change with two or three different teams by May
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    40% of the season done, where will we finish?

    When you consider the start we have had and the amount of injuries we have had I think we are doing very well, but I think we need to get a few players back sooner rather than later or a couple of strong signings in January, if so think we will make the play offs and have a good chance of promotion
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    Matt Crooks

    been our player of the season so far, fair play to him looked like he was just going to be just a squad player but deserves his starting spot now
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    Worst 3 courier companies in your part of the world?

    all have been good although Royal mail lost two parcels only to deliver one 12 month later and another 18 months later but they did get there eventually and I got got a refund for both products before then so no harm done
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    Thoughts tonight… RVDB and ELL

    Agree about RVDB not 100 % sure about Latte think I would bring back Coburn if fit for Leeds but really like Bangura at full back like a bit of double dutch :) at the back
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    Mbappe 98 min penalty

    actually disappointed for them at the end was hoping they would hold on not sure why....
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Preston North End Match-Day thread *

    I know it was only ten minutes, and the game was won but Matt Clarke looked really good for all our injuries we still look strong with the centre backs
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    Rav van den Berg

    he is monster think he can make that centre half spot his now!
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    Rav van den Berg

    been said before the boy is going to be worth Millions in a few years not sure how we recruited him but glad we did lol
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    Geordie Walker Killing Joke - RIP

    that's really sad loved Killing Joke remember listening to their John Peel sessions as a teenager, and Psyche is one of my favourite all time songs :(
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    Boro - Shef Wed after the 3 points deduction

    Everton play man Utd tomorrow first game since their point deduction Everton are bound to be up for it but reminded me of our first game at the Riverside after the points deduction against Sheff Wed a 4 -2 victory even with Ravanelli sent off one of my favourite games at the Riverside...
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    Rotherham v Leeds tonight.

    Hugil on as well will an ex Boro player win it lol
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    Rotherham v Leeds tonight.

    Leeds don't look great at the back if you put them under a bit of pressure