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    Less than a week until we see the boro in action again

    Hoping the break has give a chance for Crooks to come back fit and strong after the hernia operation, think he could still be a big player for us this season
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    In honour of Johnny Vincent's Motorbike...

    i hope so
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    Pele on end of life care

    100% the best ever
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    Spotify Wrapped

    Joy Division in there but they are my alarm song
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    The English

    Yeah I really enjoyed it, a great soundtrack aswell
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    Benefits ... the band

    Yep been mentioned on here a few times over the last year really seem to be taking off, been following them for over a year on social media they seem very genuine with a lot to say, just finished there tour in Leeds the other night going to be big were on six music recently as well
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    Bradley Dack in January?

    He looked brilliant in the championship a few years ago, but think he has bad injury problems could be quite a risk now
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    Matt Crooks

    England's loss is our gain
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    McGree starts again for Aussies v Tunisia

    last group game is 30th November so would be sound for Luton if they don't make it out of the group stages, but maybe that's a bit selfish tbf hope they do qualify
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    McGree starts again for Aussies v Tunisia

    Want them to do well but slightly worried they will qualify and even make the quarters then Riley won't be available for the Luton game, maybe over thinking it here lol
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    England v USA

    who would you have instead of Southgate and who has done better as an England manager since Ramsey ? ( Edit quite liked Hoddle tbf)
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    England v USA

    ffs 4 points out of 6 and should still win the group get over yourselves, Southgate probably most successful England manger ever bar Ramsey man spoilt kids everywhere there are lot of good international teams out there who do we think we are sound like deluded Geordies lol
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    England v USA

    Sure only two weeks to proper football Boro v Luton can't wait UTFB
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    England v USA

    USA are a decent side tbf and England still should qualify so not the end of the world. Grealish BTW don't get the hype headless chicken only...but Foden should play
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    Secret Santa FFS

    yeah really hate it myself feels really cringey and embarrassing they terrify me, opted out of the last one at work came across as a right miserable b***r but what can you do