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    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    Is it possible to take a skin graft from your buttock and transplant it onto someone who isn’t family? Ars e skin for a friend.
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    Next Signing?

    So what position and who’s next through the door.
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    Anyone fancy a cup of coffee in London

    It’s funny my mate used to tell me about drinking coffee at £65 in London, civet coffee. I couldn’t believe he paid for it then when I read what it actually was I was gob smacked! Crazy - and how they stumbled upon this is Unfathomable.
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    Lucky Girl

    People think their lives are some sort of Truman show these days, madness.
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    Lucky Girl

    Could have been oh so different, hopefully she learns a very important lesson today!
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    Good point?

    Playing both ex Prem clubs in first two games was always going to be tough, good point, a couple more signings and we can hopefully kick on.
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    Imagine if Every Kid Arriving at School Got A Covid Test

    In this plan are they tested everyday or just once I don’t understand?
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    3D Model Under Billingsgate Fish Market

    Very interesting - I once went to the fish market it is absolutely hectic but interesting to look around. I used to work in the Barclays building just near there, due to all the birds hanging around the fish market itself as a deterrent The Canary Wharf estate have a hawk. Basically a guy...
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    Our new signing on you tube

    Yes looks to have a pass or two in him. Maybe it’s a just the video but his heading ability was a bit off!
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    Eat out to spread the virus scheme

    yes they still had a second wave of sorts as it were.point I was making is I don’t think eat out to help out was neither here nor there whatever different actions gvts throughout Europe and elsewhere are taking there seems to be a second spike regardless.
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    Steven Clark murder investigation

    I think reading the below it was just a cold case reopened as a matter of course - seems it had always bugged them. Police officers from the Cleveland and North Yorkshire cold case unit reopened an investigation into the circumstances of his disappearance earlier this year. Detective Chief...
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    Eat out to spread the virus scheme

    Like the first wave does anything make much difference , other countries experiencing second waves and they had different policies. It seems to make little difference in the grand scheme of things.
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    Steven Clark murder investigation

    It’s really odd I remember this case from watching crime watch years ago though I didn’t remember it being in Marske. I watched the Crimewatch roadshow on Monday morning this week and the story was on again with his mum saying how they both went to their respective toilets and he never came...
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    Poor Lad

    If it’s one year prison for the tobacco grinder - I think a lot of our fans going there will not come back.