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    Nice things happen

    I’m trying to but I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing
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    Nice things happen

    Seen Pet Shop Boys a few times including when they played Teesside Uni in 2002 Would like a review afterwards AET 👍
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    Your thoughts on the fixtures?

    Do we insist on being at home on Boxing Day?
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    Dont forget - Championship Fixtures out tomorrow.

    Blackpool away Tuesday night jan/feb
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    Would you buy the new Boro shirt if it had no sponsor name and logo?

    For £50 I’d want it manufactured by a reputable brand, adidas, Nike Umbro
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    9am Kit Release!!

    It seems no one likes it, me included Wasn’t expecting much tho going back with errea
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    Sportsmen with the same name as Boro players

    Not a Boro player but a special mention for Alistair Brownlee
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    Players you were wrong about..

    Kris Boyd and Kevin Thomson, had a good feeling about those 2 how wrong I was 🙄
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    Bullets Dodged by Boro

    Nigel Callaghan
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    The Stage is all set for tonight

    Looked awesome… wish I went now
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    Djokovic Vs Nadal

    It’s the quarter final agree Nadal is on 🔥
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    Phones at concerts

    My daughter is going to see Harry Styles in a few weeks and I just know she’ll have her phone constantly recording.
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    Meanwhile: Derby announce their "opponents" for next season>>>>

    So they will be playing Forest next season …. Green Rovers that is 😀
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    RIP Fletch from Depeche Mode

    Wow, genuinely shocked at this. RIP fletch