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    Steph McGovern and "no go zones" in Middlesbrough

    Lizard I think I have your answer. It's probably a reference to the large gatherings and groups of young people (me being one of them) that were underage drinking in and around Marton, The Avenue and Nunthorpe which was at its peak in the late 90s early noughties. I recall the press at the...
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    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    Sorry Mart, I know you're a good lad. Have been to the match with you a few times but your posts on this thread come across condescending AF. Tim Martin is a bellend. Won't find many sensible people disagreeing with that comment. Id also agree he went way above just supporting brexit to a...
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    Marske Utd Vs Blyth Spartans

    Played a few games for Marske years ago. One of my very old mates is on the coaching staff now having been a whitby legend and having played for Blyth. Just text him as he must be buzzing with the win over his old club. Well done Marske
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    Henry Winter in The Times

    You surprised he's supporting it? I'm not
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    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    This doesn't contradict your theory but the thing that stuck in the craw for me over the money was when he wrote to residents to ask them to support that weasel Wharton.
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    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    This is a great app and a great idea after the way the WS staff were treated at the beginning of lockdown. It can be apparently patchy depending on where you are in the country but I've been using it loads without any problems
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    Boycoutt Weatherspoons, people of Middlesborough

    900 pubs are crap? Come on Mart. He's a bellend and that may be enough for many but there's some brilliant pubs about. There's one near me in Tring which is spot on. Decent craft selection. Not a hill I'll die on afraid
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    Long Covid -could this be the real legacy of the pandemic

    Alvez, I've no axe to grind mate. I'm 36, ex professional footballer and have always had a good level of fitness. Had Covid in March (and was confident that I had it). but didn't get confirmed until June when I got a private antibodies test. In the meantime I've felt OK generally and am...
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    American Murder - The Family Next Door (Spoilers)

    Thinking about those poor kids made me cry. How any father could hurt his children is beyond me
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    Retro Victorian Boro Shirt

    The design looks lovely but the quality looks poor in the picture.
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    Investing In Shares

    Not sure if others have recommended but Vanguard have super low rates and funds you can just buy without all the hassle. Vanguard stocks and share ISA is what I have for me and my two kids. Monthly top up and look at the long term 👍🏻
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    Parking Eye fine

    I'm sorry if I offended you Willow. It's just frustrating to see really old advice discussed when it comes to people potentially being taken to court. It's not a nice process, especially when these cowboys use the system and the fear of it to their advantage. I didn't mean it to come across...
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    Parking Eye fine

    Except this is the single most litegous company in the country and they do take people to court by the hundreds every day. Its not a scare story. There was indeed old advice that was absolutely right to ignore them. It can still be done with companies that don't ever follow through with...
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    Chuba signs on

    Not sure if that's tongue in cheek mate but Canning is in the East End docks type area. Reminds me a lot of over the border in Boro.
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    Parking Eye fine

    Listen mate the short answer is that you pay it or you fight it. There's a good chance you'll win but it will take some hassle putting together a suitable and relevant defence. You should never use a template one but you can put together a relevant defence based on a number of templates that...