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    Wet underfloor heating

    Sorry for reposting on here, it seems this place is the busiest nowadays Does anybody here have a ballpark figure on how much this costs at all? The space i'm looking at is at a guess 35-40m2. Concrete floor in a property that was built about 11 years ago. Not something I'm looking at...
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    Suprised to see Stewart Downing released at Blackburn

    He'll be back in some capacity I agree. Too obvious
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    We're all in this together

    Mike I do appreciate your open mindedness and dont want to come across as a doyle but in these circumstances there is no defense whatsoever for this. Given that there are thousands of public sector workers who are in a similar position - will they be given £10k? I work in counter terrorism...
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    My son is ill

    Hey Red, All the evidence shows that kids are incredibly well protected from this virus. I have a 5 year old who has significant vulnerabilities with his lungs and I can totally empathise with how anxious you must be. Take just the tiniest bit of comfort in knowing that he has everything on...
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    Boris Johnson is in intensive care

    Jesus Kuepper - what a shyte human being you are. No better than The Tories that you profess to hate so much. You give other left leaning individuals (like me) a terribly bad name. I hope you've been drinking or something
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    Covid-19 - My Experiences to date (As a confirmed positive)

    All the best mate. Hope you're on the mend shortly
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    Have you derived a positive from this mayhem ?

    What a very kind thing to say. Thanks pal. Wishing you and yours all the best
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    Have you derived a positive from this mayhem ?

    On this day in 2015 day my first born son had received a life saving operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital having been born just a few hours earlier. He spent the next four months in intensive care and things didn't look good. I witnessed him have a cardiac arrest and thought that he was...
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    Stunning acoustic sessions

    My little boy Albi is named after this song - absolutely beautiful. And in the Album version I think Nunthorpe gets a mention :)
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    Stunning acoustic sessions

    Just incredible - thanks for sharing
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    Scathing attack on government Covid-19 response

    Genuine question that I can't seem to understand is that; given that the virus has little to no effect on children and young people - why is there a clamour to close schools? I'd hazard a guess that the minute the schools get closed that grandparents will step in to support families and then we...
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    Will Euro 2020 be delayed

    I have tickets for qf in Rome. At this stage i'm not going regardless.
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    Gibson backs his man and we get

    Credit for what? I take your point about some of the vitriol aimed at him but are you seriously suggesting that his press release has been a significant contributer to the win today?
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    Cooper6711.... are you proud of your employer?

    Just goes to show how good the ignore function is. I can't see anything cooper is posting. That means less rubbish to read. simply ignore the guy, let him crack on and get on with your own lives.
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    New Affordable Homes in Mbro

    A lot of the Grove Hill decants went to Hemlington and Coulby Newham. I know this has had a significant impact on anti-social behaviour in Coulby where my parents live.