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    Ok result ok performance

    Good point for me.
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    This week, I 'ave been mostly listening to

    China Drum - Goosefair Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic Motörhead - a compilation of my own making
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    I fancy us at Cardiff

    I’ll be delighted if we manage to get a point. Tough game.
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    Name the woman

    No, I refuse to. If you don’t know who it is that’s your hard luck.
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    What are we all reading right now?

    Fmttm website
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    New 3rd kit

    Does money from sales go to the foundation?
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    Mackem fans forum . Funny thread

    The moose one is brilliant if true
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    Kids Eh?

    I don’t have words for that 😔
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    New 3rd kit

    I actually quite like that. nice touch to celebrate 25years of the stadium and also mfc foundation.
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    Test and Trace showing a little over 50%

    World leading apparently
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    How good are you at football?

    Played Sunday league (goalkeeper, CB, RB) - kak by and large.
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    Holidaying early this year
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    RIP Simon Dobbin

    Yes caught and jailed, all 12, but not for long enough. An awful awful thing to happen.
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    Tomer Hemed might fit the NW mould for 4th striker...?
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    Liverpool and Man Utd in secret

    By greater sharing of monies generated throughout the whole league structure? Salary caps? And so on.