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    If Lidl or Aldi delivered

    That’s very true, my local one is full of aloof wealthy old ladies Who wouldn’t dream of breathing over you.
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    If Lidl or Aldi delivered

    I can’t stand the way they throw your shopping at you to the point where I won’t shop there anymore. I also hate the way the aisles are always being restocked during the day so that no one can social distance properly. I find Waitrose far more civilised and much safer in terms of social...
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    pie jesu domine dona eis requiem

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    pie jesu domine dona eis requiem

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    Vaccine passports

    You could surely use the same civil liberties argument against regular passports. ie why should I have to pay for a passport with a photo of my face on it just so I can go on holiday, it’s an outrage, people will know where I am. I don’t think there will be an official vaccine passport but as...
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    FAO Yusuf - you’ve helped influence the biggest change in a Boro message board

    Jesus, watching my wife battle cancer is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it’s still on going and it‘s devastating, especially during lockdown. Reading this board and others offers the only escape available at the moment as I take a few minutes off from caring for her. Sadly she was...
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    Greg Wallace - Fun weekend

    He’s very good in loud kitchens, busy streets and factories because of his loud shouty voice.
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    what book are you reading ?

    I’m currently reading 1q84 by Haruki Murakami, I really enjoy the way that he writes, even though it’s translated from his native Japanese language it is still incredibly poetic in style.
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    Prince Charles

    That is crap, my wife is of a similar age and although she’s recovered from this setback (a side effect of radiotherapy) we know there will be more difficult times ahead. It’s heartbreaking and I really feel for you.
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    Prince Charles

    Sorry to hear that, mate.
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    Our kit looks miles better when we wear red shorts.

    You missed out Accrington Stanley!
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    Beer in a can or bottle?

    I only tend to drink craft beer these days and that generally comes in 330ml cans. Although nothing beats the taste fresh from a keg, canned beer is still decent.
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    Prince Charles

    Thanks, It was, like you I’m no royalist, but we are all human beings and we all deserve compassion in difficult times.
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    Prince Charles

    My wife was in hospital for 15 days, last Sunday I was allowed in to visit her for an hour, it was such a relief to see her and to hold her hand, even though she was heavily sedated, it was a chance to talk. Things were touch and go, they had given her a DNR notice, her heart was too weak to...