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    We’ve had the carrot now comes the stick - govt makes Not self isolating illegal

    About time. We've relied too much on people being decent and as shown above, the actions of one selfish person led to everyone suffering restrictions, let alone those who were infected as a result and could face major health issues.
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    Tour de France (Contains Spoilers) 🚴🏼‍♀️🇫🇷

    Yeah, given the trials and tribulations Porte has had over the years he'll be over the moon with a podium.
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    Tour de France (Contains Spoilers) 🚴🏼‍♀️🇫🇷

    I didn't see it, but Froome said on ITV earlier this week that Roglic could fade. Pogacar is some talent.
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    Cheers Block. As I say, I'm not seeing anything so must be an issue on my tablet. Mind, I'm seeing other embedded images and videos on other posts :unsure:
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    Is it only me who isn't seeing anything in parmo's opening post?
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    Not sure what's up with him, but he should have done better for both WBA goals in my opinion. Very slow to move for the first and despite the accuracy of the freekick for the second, he never got his arms outstretched for it.
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    Our new signing on you tube

    Well, as an ex Arsenal player you'd expect him to have some ball control and a knowledge of how to pass and move. Plus, he's had CL experience so the daunting atmosphere of The Riverside shouldn't phase him :)
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    Eurosport - Fantastic Technology for Virtual Interviews

    Surely the tech is good enough to cast a virtual shadow too? Seriously though, it's a great innovation (y)
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    Testing & this government

    Oh I'm dead set against the idea Keelo, but you only have to read some posts on here to see that some would be more open to the idea than myself. I'd consider it a thinning of the herd approach if we were to even try it. If deaths don't track rising cases once you've allowed for any lag then I...
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    Testing & this government

    It is borderline criminal that we've been aware of this virus for the best part of 9 months and seen how deadly it can be for at least 6 months and yet we're still not geared up to cope with it. I can't see any benefit to these continuing local lockdowns from an economic standpoint and if I had...
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    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    Got a great deal on an exclusive drink from the distillers today. You could say I bagged a bargain!
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    Tour de France (Contains Spoilers) 🚴🏼‍♀️🇫🇷

    My legs were burning just watching them go up that ⛰️
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    USA Trade Deal Under Threat

    As many, many of us FMTTM plebs famously said, the GFA would be an issue and so it turns out. Leave never gave it a thought when campaigning, but it must have been part of the plan to screw it over once they'd obtained the mandate to "get Brexit done". That it could scupper a US UK trade deal...
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    Absolutely livid after watching the local news regarding the emergency services

    As disgusting as this behaviour is, it is not just bad parenting or lack of respect that has created these people, the political direction of the country has contributed to it. As with most things, there's multiple factors that combine to create any issue and the creation of an uneducated...