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    NFL Divisional Playoffs

    I've only seen the highlight packages of both games, but I think all you Bills fans should be looking forward to seeing what Allen can do next year. You have a generational talent there, one who can do it all and one who will win a Super Bowl in the future.
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    NFL Divisional Playoffs

    Looking forward to watching the highlights of both games when I get home in the morning.
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    NFL Divisional Playoffs

    Given my 'kiss of death' predictions, I'm open to bids from fans of both teams to scupper the opposition's chances 😉
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    No way is that a penalty in the Liverpool game. VAR is pathetic.!

    Players don't get a second chance so I don't see why officials should. Has the standard of officiating increased with the introduction of VAR as you'd expect as the officials gain experience or has it got worse? I'd say that it is worse. If the 'error' isn't obvious within 30 seconds then let it...
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    The UK Madhouse Continues : Government Chief Whip Accuses Himself

    Is this new government policy? Talk absolute bóllócks about something that may or may not have happened, confuse everyone and then ask for an investigation to determine if the thing that may or may not have happened happened? That spoof video Randy posted last week seems to be the playbook.
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    NFL Divisional Playoffs

    I've only seen the 15 minute highlight packages, but I can't see the Bengals going any further with that OL. I lost count of how many times Burrow got sacked last night. Whoever wins in the Bills Chiefs matchup will have a good chance of going all the way.
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    Given the punishment we received for one indiscretion and the way clubs are now manipulating Covid cases to postpone games then I'd say systemic cheating over a number of seasons that impacted other clubs directly and indirectly then Derby need to be punished.
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    The Hazards of Saudi money According to reports in Spain, Eden Hazard has said no to a lucrative move to the Geordies. "Hazard ‘said no’ to the proposal from the Magpies and wants to join a ‘big player’ in football with Newcastle ‘not...
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    We may have upset a Celtic fan

    Maybe the 'red/green' comment was nothing more than a reference to the shirt he was wearing? As a Boro fan you'd prefer to see a new signing in the home shirt I'd say. Sounds to me like this particular blogger has taken offence, not because it was a dig at his team, but because he has a bit of...
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    Wilder is a genius - that’s how you win a game

    That could catch on!
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    Where do you think we will end up this season?

    I've gone top 2. All aboard the Wilder Juggerynut!
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    There’s something special happening here

    The thing I like about Wilder is that he'll live and die by his methods in much the same way as Aitor. Two diametrically opposite approaches to the game, but both based on an absolute belief. I honestly think if we can get promoted and survive that important first season to guarantee funds for...
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    NFL Play off weekend

    All you Bills fans can thank me later. I said I had a sneaky feeling for the Pats the other day knowing full well I couldn't pick my nose, nevermind a SB winner 😁
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    Did Flo Balogun look good

    If he's a fraction of Henry then we'll win the league 😁
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    Johnson's BYOB Party Invitation 🤣

    More shocking revelations in tomorrows papers! Normally hard to believe the Sport headlines, but these are normal times.