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    Pubs destroyed by Tories

    The billingham arms was a schit hole for its final few years full of hardcore undesirables and plonkys all day every day.
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    Have you ever cheated at anything?

    Monopoly, I always make sure I'm the banker so I can sub myself a couple of extra 100's when needed. Have to show the wife and kids who's boss don't I?
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    England Germany tonight

    As for picking form players what about Chris Smalling at Roma?
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    Any hidden gems to watch on Sky?

    Brassic is a bit of a gem, found it to be quite funny
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    Where is your favourite place in Middlesbrough?

    For me its places i played football as a kid (if we cant use boro grounds) such as hall drive & sandy flatts. other side of the river it has to be the blue lagoon at seaton
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    Coventry Tkts

    There are still shed loads left (and 2 blocks yet to go on sale), maybe Tuesdays result has quelled the rush?
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    Booing at HT

    No booing from me last night, i showed my displeasure by walking out at ht. Pathetic first half display swayed me to drive back to the office to finish some tender docs rather than stay.
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    How warm tonight !!!

    My decision to go in shorts and t-shirt compared with the wife in jeans and jumper was a good one :cool:
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    Not reading out the opposition line up

    Same here regarding Stewart, thought Roberts was him until one of the better sighted people with me realised.
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    Matt Clarke

    Im sure Ugo had a baldy at some point in his first couple of seasons!
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    Hoppe announced today.

    As long as its not the USA USA chants from saturday :sick:
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    Who will be our desperation signing at the end of the window?

    It's got to be Jizz 'the finisher' Hornkamp surely?
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    Hamza Choudhury

    Seen a couple of people on social media this morning who claim to be ITK say he's expected to be announced this morning. I have no idea how true it is so will believe it when I see it announced.