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    Watford v burnley

    Burnely are just like us, good going forward but struggle to stick it in the net.
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    Watford v burnley

    Bad mistake to start with but with 10 mins left and 1 goal up he had to pull him back.
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    It’s the glorious twelfth

    Fully expect Sunak to try and get back in the race by announcing that he will legalise the hunting of dirty northern peasants if there are not enough Grouse available.
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    Hes gone >>>>>>

    I assume that's on the back of Hoppe being announced. I really hope it's because we have got another striker deal over the line.
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    Chris Wilder on defensive experimenting and making most of Dael Fry's strengths [Gazette]

    I'd try Dijksteel in howson's position and push Howson further forward instead of mcgree. Thought being that then you have a designated player to break up play in dijksteel whilst also having howson who will cover more ground defensively than mcgree does. The vast majority of our play is going...
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    Chris Wilder on defensive experimenting and making most of Dael Fry's strengths [Gazette]

    I would try Dijksteel in midfield instead of mcgree, I do worry we might get spanked 3 or 4 if we don't more solid defensive shield in midfield.
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    My conspiracy theory - the sun doesn't exist

    Of course, if 'the sun' really existed then don't you think people like Branston would want to make money by sending people on holiday there?? Course they would. Just think about it logically, I can explain it to you but only you hold the key to understanding.
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    'Pub Talk' with Alan Brazil and Ray Parlour

    Alan Brazil has done well to still be alive. I used to listen to his breakfast show with Mike Parry years and years ago and he often just didn't turn up and when he did he was still leathered half the time. He must have quit but maybe kept up the persona by drinking non alcoholic stuff?
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    Houchen Wants to host Eurovision 2023

    Billingham was edged out by Qatar for the winter Olympics unfortunately.
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    My conspiracy theory - the sun doesn't exist

    Duh! This has been obvious to anyone with half a brain cell forever. Just do your research people!
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    Make up of Defence last night

    This arsing about with the CBs is crazy in my opinion. Dijksteel RCB Fry CB Mcnair LCB For me, Lenihan's role is as cover or to allow mcnair to push into midfield when required if we don't replace tav. Our problems last season were GK, LWB, CM to an extent and then massively Upfront. Wilder...
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    Do many other posters ‘ignore’ people on here?

    I don't have anyone on ignore. I wonder if anyone can see this post?
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    Latest price cap predictions - £4200 in jan

    £120, which is just about what it will cost to boil a kettle from January.
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    That is shocking - ref comments to wilder

    I think my comments in real time were that steffen will soon learn, you don't get a free kick for that in this league. No judgement on him, everyone has to learn. He'll be tops for us this season I think.
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    Chris Wilder I have complete confidence in him.

    I agree to an extent in that in the heat of battle tav would give everything, but there's a lot of waiting around chatting with his mates, potentially about how we are holding him back. The modern boro need to be focused on developing talent and selling on for ££££ssss. Holding talented players...