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    Boro’s White Band

    Spartak Moscow quite often do that. Something looks off about it though, shouldn't be anything below chest height on a football shirt - sponsor or band (particularly horrible wonky ones).
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    Which major cup final were you most confident going into?

    This week 23 years ago we progressed to the League Cup final for the second year in a row, a third Wembley final outing in such time. Being honest I was confident going into all our major cup finals except the FA cup. '97 League Cup - of all our major finals, Leicester has to be the one I was...
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    The Definitive Boro Home Shirt

    It doesn't take a lot to make even the worst of our most recent kits actually pretty good. For example the 16-17 kit is infinitely better with red shorts and no blue. Should be red shorts, red socks and a simple black/white sponsorship logo. A band should be a regular, with the occasional...
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    50 or 60 clubs' could go bust

    And yet had we beaten City at home in the cup, I wonder how many would have scrambled for tickets to a Wembley semi final?
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    Mark Viduka Interview 10 mins

    Enjoyable watch. Also rare, I'm not aware of many interviews with him since he retired. Couple of noteworthy points, firstly the Woodgate reaction - the same as most other former team mates. The only man in the world who would have given him a managers job is the man who did! Secondly his...