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    Watford v Sheffield United - Championship tonight. 20:00 hrs Kick Off.

    Watford pacy and powerful . Sheff Utd , 2 or 3 nasty worky tickets .
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    Number six . A unit and mobile . None of our lads got any change out of him .
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    Rolling back the years . Thought he was great today.
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    * The "Welcome Back" to the new season. Boro v WBA. Match-day Thread *

    Brilliant stuff Roofie. Much appreciated.
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    Ticketing site down ?

    Two days to go and can't buy a ticket online unless you are an IT wizard ......... sheesh .
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    Ticketing site down ?

    Getting error message .
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    Proper Finnisher .
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    James Lea Siliki

    Begs the question . What video has his agent shown to Estoril ?
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    Can you pay on the door tonight?

    I think it will be East Stand only . West looked sold out and they opened blocks in the East , either side of the half way line .
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    Walk-Up Prices Confirmed

    Not bad , imo .
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    We're the only club in the league to have not released matchday prices

    MFC commercial been pants for 60 years I've been a supporter .
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    The killings of innocents.

    No , no , no only Johnny foreigner would do such things .
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    Caption Competition.

    It's a marathon , not a sprint . Sadly .
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    York races this Saturday

    Hoof hearted Ice melted
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    Anyone know if Leo is still here?

    Here he is with me and my grandson .