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    Is English Rugby Union an elitist sport?

    It certainly does. I like both of course but Rugby both codes, should be played in all schools in England as well as football. Probably need more coaches at schools level but the schools programmes are working to that.
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    Greg Wallace - Fun weekend

    Erimus. on your continued recommendation of this show and against my better judgement I might add, I started to watch the Edinburgh episode. I lasted two minutes alas. And no doubt like you quite a few seem to like him but then again a lot of people seem to like Johnny Vegas and Gordon Ramsay...
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    The Bridge (Broen/Bron)

    When Marten left after series 2 I thought it would lose something but it didnt.
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    6 Nations Wal / Eng

    Wales more passion a better pack display and better discipline. England need to regroup and question their own levels of quality. Poor captaincy for a starter.
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    6 Nations Wal / Eng

    It come with being under pressure. Welsh forwards are having a better time in the oack.
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    Treading water

    It is but by throwing your only ffit strikers under a bus with public comments in the past few weeks it has pretty much guaranteed that we wont do anything more this season. Not with strikers you wont. You could argue they have done little anyway but with their confidence shot.
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    6 Nations Wal / Eng

    7 points behind with 25 mins left. How can that be beyond them? Its one score.
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    Treading water

    This Board is best avoided when we draw.
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    Well I feel old today

    35 is not old no matter how you feel. You are probably one of the younger ones on this Board so you can only get grumpier 😉 Hope tou had a great day.
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    Gordon Ramsey's Bank Balance

    TV researchers have no inagination left. Its - get a personality (and I say that in the loosest sense of the word with Ramsay) then try and fit some kind of format round him. A complete mess.
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    Why is Wayne Rooney Derby Manager..

    😀 The fact is I am going to start a ludicrous campagn to bring Robbo back. I have learned a few things off that Boro_Legend bloke.
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    No messing about in Singapore

    Not the first time a bloke has got into trouble for the inability to keep it in his trousers. Daft sod.
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    Why is Wayne Rooney Derby Manager..

    In pretty much the same way Robson was given the job with us. Highly respected footballer within the game who it is hoped would have immediate success. In our case it did. But whether it’s a long term success we can only wait.
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    11 miles - 25k steps today

    At work? Are you a Park Ranger?
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    11 miles - 25k steps today

    At Glastonbury in 2019 I managed to average 35000 steps a day. I didn’t realise how much walking you actually do there. Think on the Friday I hit 40000 for the first time. Now I see why when I come back I’m completely knackered. And I thought it was the late Nights.