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    What happened to Beat Surrender?

    Lots of recent Beat Surrender episodes on BBC site
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    Controversial Covid post

    “I'll help those of you struggling:-“ Well that sounds incredibly patronising just because some disagree with your thoughts.
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    More meanness and bile from The Nasty Party

    You have to love that tweet from Susie Dent. History has been littered with pinchfarts over the years. Apart from those who voted against extending school meal vouchers we have probably the worst pinchfart of them all.
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    Mr Warnock on footy focus

    love Clem. Done brilliantly to make himself the Beebs non Prem football go to.
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    Mr Warnock on footy focus

    Well ok but disappointingly little about his current time in Middlesbrough. As a Boro fan would have liked a bit more but what a character.
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    Mr Warnock on footy focus

    Hoof. About to come on.
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    Complete Lunacy - Norwich City Today

    Bit of an odd analogy that one Jonny
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    Mr Warnock on footy focus

    Set the TV to record! 👍
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    Complete Lunacy - Norwich City Today

    I kind of understand this in a Tier 2 area not encouraging fans to travel on the trains and tubes. Having said that they aren’t stopping commuters into the City.
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    Complete Lunacy - Norwich City Today

    Fans are being allowed into Carrow Road today to watch their game live - in their ground’s restaurant! So a curtain will be drawn across the windows so they can’t see the game going on the pitch. Just baffling.
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    Giro D’Italia Chat (Contains spoilers) 🇮🇹

    Peloton have given up today - break will take today's stage.
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    Rugby Players are Thick

    12 players from the Barbarians squad left their London hotel bubble to have dinner in the West End this week. Game at Twickenham this Sunday against England just called off as a result. Some of the England players had won their first cap for this match - they will be gutted...
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    Aaagh Ameicanism

    Reading your thoughts is really worrying. There are so many people and external states attempting to manipulate thoughts and minds the whole landscape in the USA is very scary.
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    John Craggs, IMHO, one of the best right backs to have never played for England

    The epitome of the barrel chested player. Vintage.
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    The trial of the chicago 7

    Found it incredible how the testimony of the former Attorney General of the USA (played by Michael Keaton) was dismissed as irrelevant. A sham trial with jury tampered with, corrupt judge and false witnesses. And USA was indeed still held up as a panacea for democracy and justice even then.