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    West Stand Upper Tickets Withdrawn From Sale for Derby Game

    Well, it's a fact that you can't buy a ticket in the WSU for this game but can for other parts of the ground.
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    The 9am figures not disclosed yet?

    I've said before that my borough was the COVIDest place in the country just before Christmas and saw a huge increase in cases before everywhere else. Since the new year we have also seen a huge decrease in cases. Until the last three days when it (the 7-day average of new cases) has gone more or...
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    A wealthy US family have made a formal offer to buy Derby County.

    Carlisle Capital are from Portsmouth.
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    Looking for 2 tickets for Boro v Man U

    I thought they said they wouldn't do refunds for the Mansfield game?
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    Any Man U player you fear us coming up against?

    I've not given it a moment's thought.
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    'Footy Adventures' at our game yesterday

    It might have been a good idea to have a word with Rob or someone first:
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    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph

    I'd be all for a boycott but boycotts only work if they are total, or near-total. Good luck to anyone trying to organise a boycott of this game.
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    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph

    It would also be against the rules, I believe.
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    Tory MP defects to Labour

    I wouldn't want to rely on him on Michael McIntyre's The Wheel either. Thick as mince.
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    Man Utd Pricing in Telegraph

    My guess is that the two allocations are in different parts of the ground. 3000 in a corner behind a goal, 9000 along the side perhaps. Whatever, £45 is still a rip-off.
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    Forest Green v Mansfield Match Abandoned because of Fog

    Don't fret.
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    Surreal Manager Interview

    Finally, rumbersponge is uncovered.
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    Boro Fans Forum Tonight

    Can't really help on that but I think it's a great idea.
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