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    National Lockdown

    I`ve yet to see an exit strategy for Local Lockdowns never mind a National one so it`s a no for me too.
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    France & Germany heading into national lockdown

    Gavi Vaccine Alliance outlining vaccine production too
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    France & Germany heading into national lockdown

    Good publication by the WHO on where we are currently with Vaccines with links to each vaccines current status
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    France & Germany heading into national lockdown

    @Alvez_48 Interesting links thank you. I agree that viral interference will have an affect on the cases of flu, I`m not sure by how much in the end though and I`m still to be convinced that contracting covid is better than the flu. I don`t think you can totally rule out the plus points for...
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    Health and Wellbeing

    In all walks of life mental health is a huge problem and is devastating to families all over. Those in need of help often stay silent about the issues that trouble them every minute of every day. Rail Wellbeing have launched an event to tackle these issues. I know it`s specifically targeted...
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    We look utterly bone hard !

    Finally a team that look to win for the full duration of the match. Probably would have been mugged and lost 1-0 last season. Very positive indeed, bordering on excitement :eek:
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    What irks you about modern society?

    Calling Flip Flops, Sliders :unsure:
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    What an awful game so far

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    What irks you about modern society?

    The main thing that irks me is that everything has to be done as quick as possible. Cars racing everywhere. People hurrying about even though they are obviously only doing menial things. also....... Digging up roads and then not working on them for weeks on end Junk mail Cold callers Scamming...
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    I wonder how much property values in Kent will rise or fall after this lot.......

    Not going to disagree with any of that even though I posted otherwise, but I do think Kent will be best served to recover the quickest, even with the some of the most impoverished areas in the UK. I was due to sell my house and move north in March but we put it off due to the outbreak but...
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    I wonder how much property values in Kent will rise or fall after this lot.......

    House prices will not go down in Kent. They`ve steadily increased since 96 and this will not effect that steady rise. This bigger lorry park is also going to free up land the other side of the railway where there already exists a lorry park. Makes sense and also will help to ease the M20 when...
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    Just watched Chicago film I`ve seen on there in a long while
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    Do our mobile phones listen to us?

    By default your microphone is allowed to listen. You need to physically deny it access to apps like facebook etc... I use Signal as my message encrypts your messages unlike WhatsApp Also watch the Netflix film - The Social Dilema, which gives a very good explanation of targeted...
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    Early Doors

    You`ll have to disable Ad-Blockers but here are the 2 seasons Early Doors (Season 1) Early Doors (Season 2)
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    Henry Winter in The Times

    Agreed. Very disappointed in what David Conn wrote yesterday. Was a big fan of his books picking apart what is wrong with football but yesterdays piece was totally opposite what he`s been preaching in the past.