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    I see our favourite Yusuf Boro Fan was there !!!

    At the very worst, it was a 1 in 10 chance of getting a ticket. Plenty won't have even tried to get one, I know some who didn't, and there will have been a lot of people who weren't quick on the draw to enter the queue and some who were tripped up by the site's many "N/A" seats. I don't think...
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    They're the new Burnley for me. Love to see them lose.
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    Dijksteel - Early prediction.

    He's been largely excellent since Warnock came in. Looking like it might end up being a shrewd signing after all, as long as he stays fit.
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    Middlesbrough v Bournemouth Allowed 1000 fans

    No real issues today, barring one steward getting confused and forcing me to go the wrong way back to my seat, got a free mask and really enjoyed the match. Was great being back in the stadium.
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    Shame, I was hoping he'd be **** once he turned us down. Still disappointed we didn't get him.
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    Tom Hardy cast as the new James Bond

    Timothy Dalton is British. I'd be fairly happy with Tom Hardy as Bond, great actor. Wouldn't have minded a BAME Bond, plenty of great British actors to choose from in that department, but I don't think it should be controversial if the new Bond is still white either.
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    Akbom latest ?

    It's grown on me as a signing, happy he's here. We need at least a few more.
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    So does Chupa now have to self isolate for 14 days?

    Mainland Greece. It's only some of the islands that require quarantine.
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    Can anyone explain why teesside isn’t in the lockdown area

    Our councils requested to be excluded from the restrictions according to Ben Houchen (Tees Valley Mayor). Here's his quotes: "the tees valley councils asked not to be included, which is why they haven’t been" "they said that they think they have it under control and that they hope numbers will...
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    Kevin Blackwell Press Conference Now

    Apparently feels fine and would already be back in the dugout if it was a regular illness.
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    Un-named boro player tested positive for Covid

    He won't have been at the training ground either. It'll impact the next game too, I'd expect.
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    Un-named boro player tested positive for Covid

    Missing a non-starting goalie won't hurt us. Main issue is Warnock being missing.
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    Un-named boro player tested positive for Covid

    We'll graciously allow them to forfeit the match.
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    Un-named boro player tested positive for Covid

    Not sure for domestic games, but UEFA said that international games should go ahead as long as 13 players are available.
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    Akbom latest ?

    He was playing in Greece on Tuesday night, it's only Thursday, and it wasn't a done deal going off Warnock's comments. He'd have to fly to the UK, drive to Rockliffe and have a medical/sign. No chance that was all getting done in one day. Plus, Warnock's positive test would ruin any...