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    Angela Rayner sacked as Labour Party chair and national campaign co-ordinator

    Burnham will be good choice as leader for next election as he is succesful in Liverpool need people with a track record to deliver
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    Angela Rayner sacked as Labour Party chair and national campaign co-ordinator

    Apparently Lisa Nandy could be leaving next despite her being the best of them muppets that are destroying the party
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    Tory government for ever ?

    Needs to become the party of electoral reform and percentage voting system. In order for a progressive government to form. Under first past the post the party with 36% vote share dominates that is wrong when the other 64% of people disagree with the current government's viewpoint
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    Karanka just tweeted this

    Aitor was immense shame he was let down in the January transfer market as if we got a signing in to replace Ramirez we would of had a fighting chance to get more than the 28 points we managed. As we did have a half decent start to the season really but the wheels fell of as Aitor got the hump...
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    Well Done Ben

    People are very much blackmailed though vote tory so you get investment isn't the way politics should be conducted. If Labour was in government the area would see alot more investment than what Ben is providing. But people don't want us to become a country where mental health national happiness...
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    Kike Van Basten García!!!

    Why did we dump Kike he was unreal his goal at Man City will remember forever. Eio Eio Kike Garcia Kike Garcia Eio Eio
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    Premier League Hall of Fame

    Dam this is just taken from NFL
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    Josh Windass [FLW / Fi / The72]

    Would prefer Adam Reach like
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    Boro in “advanced talks” with Diedhiou

    Bristol City fans don't rate him to be honest
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    Dairy and meat exports down 96% due to Brexit

    Great news people should not be exporting food we should be eating local UK food for UK people in order to stop the climate crisis
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    Middlesbrough to hold contract talks with Mendez-Laing and Johnson at end of season.

    They are both good impact subs and we need bodies
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    Warnock on Bolasie and Kebano

    It must only cost 3 million to buy Kebano surly we can afford that lol. Gibson just spend jeez put it on the credit card like Perez at Madrid does 😂
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    Lee Johnson's Sunderland

    Haha shame though wanted a derby game atmosphere at Riverside. But with hartlepool smashing it could end up with one North East club in each of the top 4 divisions
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    Well I've long wanted NW to manage our football club

    Our only good players are Bola, Fry Hall Dijksteel Mcnair Watmore Tav and then Kebano Bolasie. The rest are trash. My worry is bola Dijksteel get scared nervous when fans return
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    Do we really want another season of NW?

    All I can say is I hope the new squad he signs in the summer are good players. As his choices of Bettanali and Akpom have been awful.