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    My mum was an opera singer. She competed against people at quite a high level, however stopped from going professional to have a family. She carried on at lots of local performances, including the Hutton Rudby pantomime. Even though I was proud of my Mum, opera was never for me, probably after...
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    Just found this fact and I found it surprising......

    If the recreation land includes things wider than sport. The National Trust owns 612,000 acres in England/Wales/NI, this includes 750 miles of coastline.
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    Tav - Class act

    Good luck to him, Why do we criticise him moving to Bournemouth, I am sure he will get game time. He could move to a bigger club and sit on the bench for the rest of his contract.
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    Matthew Hoppe

    According to Wilder, Watmore has only one leg. Is Hoppe the perfect partner ?
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    Career change? Career advice?

    I did something similar at 55 gave up a long term career, took a few months out, then decided that I wanted to do something different before I retired. So moved from Wiltshire to North Devon to set up a new franchise. I will admit that it was an absolute nightmare, we started just before...
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    Forget the North/South divide, what about the East/West divide

    There are four quarters to the UK, South East - highly populated, centre of investment North West - big populations and currently being upgraded South West and North East - lagging behind in investment and opportunities. Very similar areas.
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    Clue me up on Cyprus

    Some nice restaurants in Paphos Harbour.
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    Electric Car Advice

    Will it have alloy wheels ? ;-)
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    Interest Rates / Mortgages

    I used to work for Nationwides credit risk area and had a big hand in the scorecards and lending strategies from 2000 - 2010. The risk departments have a few levers to pull to manage risk. 1. Manage the credit score thresholds, these can be managed by LTV, Mortgage value, FTB/Subsequent...
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    Laptop advice

    I have always been a windows user, using Office programs to a very high level. My son wanted macs as he was an apple user. In the end I relented as he was going down an art/creative route which macs are much better for. For his 18th I bought him a desk top for him to use for his music degree, he...
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    Johnson government achievements debunked

    I understand he was a great party leader, although I think he may have misunderstood that part of his job. He is still working through another 60 leaving parties, culminating on his own in September. How long before the new incumbent needs to refurbish the flat ?
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    Hasta la Vista Baby

    I can see him on a game show "would I lie to you ?"
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    No good luck message to Spence from MFC

    Why would we big him up, when he hasn't played for us for a year.
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    Is anyone else loving the heat?

    Betty Swollocks ;-)
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    Marcus Forss

    May the Forss be with us !!