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    OLED TV's......

    I'll be buying my next one from Richersounds... much longer warranty.. I had a Samsung for years & it was great, bought another & now it's getting purple blotches.. seems they removed a layer (thermal something I think) & leaves it susceptible to these large blotches... was thinking LG...
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    Where would you like to live for 3 months?

    I've always fancied following England Cricket for a winter season... Aus & or NZ... esp NZ.. time enough to explore both islands & both culture & language should be ok... plus they drive on the correct side of the road.. ;-)
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    Neil Warnock on Leo Percovich,Woodgate and coaching at Boro

    Woodgate needs to be away for his own future, he can be a decent manager though he needs space & time to learn... if I was him I'd be asking to go with an eye for proving myself elsewhere & maybe coming back the real deal & leading the club forward or even bigger clubs* *other clubs may have...
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    Jesus, what just happened in Beirut?

    [ Beirut seems to have been Ammonium Nitrate storage gone up... ] this was Netherlands 2000, firework factory... loads more videos of other firework factories going up via google...
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    I think he's doing OK... transfer ban last season... needs to sort his defence out, too many weak links for me & new keeper... worlds most expensive one is junk..
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    What was a visit to the dentist like back in the old days?

    1970's was a butcher.. drilled directly into tooth without any pain relief.. extractions via Gas... had to be helped out as you were out of it... nightmare.. Marathon Man was a good ref' " it safe...."
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    Arsenal or Chelsea?

    Can't stand Arsenal... franchise of a club... no great fan of Chelsea, though a mates team so probably them....
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    Sheff Wed 12 POINT PENALTY

    still Derby & Birmingham to be ruled upon I think... maybe just relegate Sheff Wed, Birmingham & Derby...?? that would seem fair... TBH fine & punishment need to be in place much more quickly than the time it is now taking... Charlton have every right to be angry about it...
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    Depp court case against the Sun

    case ends today though they reckon it won't be ruled upon, by the judge: Andrew Nichol, until Sept...
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    TV coverage free-to-air etc. Back to normal next season

    I can't stand the way football authorities have sold the TV rights & the way the sport is delivered to fans, Sky have been detrimental to the attending fans for years, BT is making up for lost time. They pump more money into the game, however all they have done is widen the gap between the PL &...
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    Blimey check out the Forest forums

    I was watching the table change as the goals went in & thought.. if Swansea get one more... goal.. bad enough losing out on points, hammered at home.. but to drop out because you shipped a shed full... terrible..
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    Depp court case against the Sun

    Depp had two ex-wives as character witnesses..... & many of AH's claims have been countered by independent witnesses... the judges reading of the case will be interesting..
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    Depp court case against the Sun

    That is the Sun all over & many other publications, the Gov had the chance with the Leveson inquiry, but ducked their responsibility (maybe too many have a vested interest )
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    Adam Clayton

    'a great servant' - he was paid, very well, to run around the pitch & play footy.. had a good spell under AK alongside Grant, though not is the same calibre as Grant or other notable players, very decent.. No issue with him leaving, it happens contracts end & just very unusual situation this...
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    Depp court case against the Sun

    I think having two ex's give good character ref for him is a massive plus & the fact that independent witnesses are giving testimony that contradicts her narrative does not help... & maybe why they've called two extra witnesses of hers today... People can be vindictive, doesn't relate to their...